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Dated Aizawl, the 10th October, 2013




Venue                       :           Conference Hall of Hotel Classic, Imphal

Date & Time             :           16th September, 2013 (Monday) 11:00 am


List of the Members & Invitees present is appended.


The 11th Meeting of the State Advisory Committee for Manipur was chaired by Hon’ble Chairperson of the Commission Mr. A. Chhawnmawia IDES (Rtd). At the out set, the Chairman welcomed all the Members of the Committee and requested the new Members to introduce themselves. The Chairman informed the Committee that because of the delay in completion of formalities, Shri N. Shyamsundar Singh Hon’ble Member representing Manipur joined the Commission a little late and the Commission could not take the meeting on time. Thereafter, the agenda items were taken up one by one for discussion.


Agenda I:    Confirmation on the Minutes of the 10th Meeting of the SAC of Manipur held on 17th January, 2013:


The Chairman spoke briefly on the Minutes of the previous Meeting and requested the Members to give nod to the Minutes. On obtaining nod from the Members, the Chairman declared that the Minutes of the Meeting stand confirmed.


Then the Chairman requested Mr. N. Shyamsundar Singh the Hon’ble Member of the Commission to initiate discussion on other Agenda.


Agenda II:   Survey and Investigation of the Consumers: 

Mr. N.Shyamsundar Singh Hon’ble Member explained in detail the importance of Survey and Investigation of Consumers being undertaken by the Electricity Department. The Member stated that Loss of Energy to the extent of about 60% - 70% is due to presence of a large number of unauthorised consumers, theft of power, and consumers with defective meters and without meters. Unless the leakage is plugged in, the huge loss in term of both energy and money can not be checked. The Member therefore expressed dis –satisfaction over the way the Department deals with the critical issue.

Drawing the kind attention of the Members of the Committee, the Members JERC for M&M further explained that Survey and Investigation Envisages:


  1. The updation of Individual Connected Load:

As per the Regulations, the Connected Load of the consumers are to be updated once in every two years. With the updation of the connected load, the corresponding increase in the contract demand has also to be noted carefully. With the increase in contract demand, the fixed cost in the tariff is likely to decrease simply because this is required for calculation of retail tariff.


  1. Detection of unauthorised use of electricity and theft of electricity case: 

Against the total population of about 27 lakhs in Manipur there are roughly 2 lakhs consumers and this figure does not commensurate with the demographic scenario of the State.


  1. Collection of Detailed Information on Energy Meter:

Under 100% Metering, all the consumers, feeders, and all distribution transformers, all sub-stations are to be provided with meters. Information on the above will clearly give the picture on total energy injected and consumed. This detailed information is required for creation of a data base for future power planning and also for energy audit and loss reduction.

      The Committee therefore wanted from the Department a convincing statement on why there has been delay in carrying out such an important Survey & Investigation.

Mr. L. Priyo Kumar, Additional CE (P) highlighted the actions taken so far by the Department to reduce the AT & C Loss.

  1.   As the Department could not take up the Survey and Investigation work

  with its few efficient employees, the Department made a proposal to the  

  State Government for engaging on contract around 147 persons to carry  

 out the Survey and Investigation but it was turned down by the    Government  for want of funds.

  1. Meanwhile the State Government has taken the decision for

corporatisation of the Department and hectic exercise is on for transfer of employees and assets to the two newly formed Companies.

The Department has also contemplated to take up the following along with the Survey & Investigation of the consumers.

 Installation of 1,00,000 Optical Port 1-0 Electronic Energy meter in Greater  

 Imphal area:

The Department has issued order for procurement of 1,00,000 Optical Port 1-0 electronic Energy meters and delivery materials has already started. The supply will be completed within September 2013. Installation work will be carried out by three firms under turn key basis to complete the installation work for 70,000 nos. by December 2013 and remaining, 30,000 by March 2014. These firms along with other field supervisory officers will carry out survey & investigation of the Consumers/unauthorised during the installation.

Mr. N. Sarat Singh, CE (P) informed the Meeting that the supervisory staffs are given a format for collection of the detailed information about the consumer. The team will cover every household irrespective of whether it is a authorised consumer or otherwise. He asserted that the department has been trying to install energy meters for all the consumers and at the same time collecting information on unauthorised consumers, etc. Regularisation of unauthorised consumers will also be taken up simultaneously as soon as the details are available. The CE (P) was hopeful that the entire work would be completed by December, 2014.

Hon’ble Member of the Commission informed the Department to formally furnish a copy of the format and also to submit Progress Report made so far by the Department along with the time frame for completion and then requested other Members of the Committee to give their views and comments.

            Dr. Chongtham Narendra Singh, Member stated that the Department is not using meters properly and simply fixing meters will not solve the problems. Usefulness of meter is not found. CE (P) clarified that the new meter will be pre-paid meter, which will give signal for no-money and the consumers will be required to go to the vending counter to re-charge their meters as being done in the case of pre-paid mobile.

            Dr. L. Sadananda Singh, Member enquired whether pre-paid meter will cover entire Imphal city area first and whether the meters will be extended to 36 villages. In reply, CE (P) stated that under RADPRP Scheme, 13 towns will be covered with pre-paid meters including Greater Imphal area and the other areas will be provided with good quality meters. Dr. L. Sadananda Singh further enquired about the time frame for covering the whole of Imphal area.

The CE (P) replied that 18 months is the time frame, as the process requires system strengthening, infrastructure development etc. like underground cable laying in Paona Bazar. Replacing the conductors by AB cable is also carried out for giving pre-paid meters to consumers which will automatically control theft of power, hooking etc. The target for completion is December, 2014.

            Mr. Basantakumar Wareppa informed that systematic survey method is required and that by just installing meter will not give correct position to get right data. CE (P) informed that it will cover 2 lakhs consumers, format is being circulated and detection of unauthorised consumer is also done and a correct record is appearing very soon. He further stated that the main short fall on number of consumer in Manipur is due to presence of joint family wherein there is one consumer connecting to 4-5 families. Survey team will see all these details and will give correct picture.  Mr. Basanta is very doubtful of the department’s monitoring system as he strongly feels that people might have just come to the house and fixed the meters without collecting proper information of the consumers. The CE (P) replied that this is the first of its kind in the North East and that proper supervision is assured to get the right data.

            Dr. Ch. Ibohal Meitei enquired whether Survey and Investigation purpose is to cross-check and minimize the AT&C loss. Instead of taking up Survey & Investigation works, metering work is being taken up and enquired whether the existing metering work will reduce AT&C loss. CE (P) informed that 40,000 pre-paid meters has been installed and the trend is very good and that AT&C loss is being reduced from 70% - 50% and that with the implementation of pre-paid metering system energy consumption has been reduced to 30% - 40% and collection of revenue has raised to more than 2.5 times over the previous collection.

            Mr. A. Chhawnmawia, Hon’ble Chairman of the Committee informed the Department to give in writing to the Commission whether AT&C loss has come down with metering system being undertaken by the Department.


Mr. N. Shyamsunder Singh, Member of the Commission, also wanted to know how the Department will deal with joint family issue at the time of regularisation of connection, theft of power etc.

            The CE (P) informed the Committee that the survey team will not leave any house and find out the problems of unauthorised consumers etc. In this regard he further reiterated that the format is being given out to all the survey team.

            Mr. Elangbam Dolendra Singh enquired the actual number of consumers including the pre-paid consumers and about non-uniform tariff for different consumers. The CE (P) replied that consumers are about 2,20,000. Tariff schedules are different for different consumers and it also varies according to the units consumed and that is the reason why bill rates are different.

            Mr. S. Rishikumar Singh enquired how electric connection would be given if the house patta is on another’s name i.e. father and son want separate connection. Replying to this query Mr L. Priyo Kumar Singh Addl. CE, replied that No Objection Certificate given by the landlord will suffice for giving separate connections to different tenants in the building / area.

            Dr. M. Binota Devi enquired whether the checking of the meters before installation is done and felt the need for creating public awareness regarding the technology.  The CE (P) replied that team of engineers have verified the meters before being despatched by the manufacturers and that close monitoring is being done on modification, correction of software etc.


Business Plan and Power Purchase Plan:


            The Hon’ble Member of the Commission highlighted the importance of Business Plan and Power Purchase Plan and stated that this is one of the basic requirement in power sector reforms in the state. The increase in demand or the

consumption trend is very important for power purchase planning. Prediction for the next year is to be made based on the last years consumption and current demand.

CE (P) elaborated that pre-paid meter will be able to show consumption trend.

Dr. M. Binota Devi stated that past trend is required to ascertain for demand in a year. Cost efficiency factor is also to be taken into account and enquired what the Department is taking up their business plan on consumer’s benefits.

Hon’ble Member informed the Members that category wise sales of energy are required for formation of power procurement plan both short and long term, and at the same time there is a need to see consumer’s comfort. These details are to be collected and stored in a data base as these will help the Department assess its own Standard of Performance.

CE (P) informed that with the new meters in place, the Department will be able to give more reliable data than the earlier ones.





  1. Survey and Investigation should be completed within December, 2014 as per the target made by the Department.
  2. The Department should draw awareness of consumers through NGOs, Voluntary Organisations and Local Clubs in respect of detection of unauthorised connection and theft cases.
  3. The Department is to submit the Detailed Programme taken up by it on Survey and Investigation for review in the next Meeting.
  4. Format being used by the Department is to be furnished to the Commission urgently.







The Meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.






State Advisory Committee



Memo No. H.11019/26/10-JERC            :        Dated Aizawl, the 10th October 2013


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