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Dated Aizawl, the 2nd March, 2015






Venue              :           Conference Hall of Hotel Imphal, Imphal.

Date & Time    :           19th February 2015, 11:00 AM.



The Chairman of the Committee, Mr. A. Chhawnmawia IDES (Rtd.) and Chairperson of the Joint Commission for Manipur & Mizoram chaired the meeting. The list of members and participants attending the meeting is appended.


After welcoming the members and the invitees the Chairman initiated the agenda wise discussion as:


Agenda I: Confirmation on the Minutes of the 14th Meeting of the SAC of Manipur

                   held on 19th May, 2015:

Requesting the members to give their views and comments on the minutes of the 14th SAC and after obtaining nod from the members, the minute was declared as confirmed.

The Chairman requested the Executive Director (Tech.) MSPDCL Mr. L. Priyokumar on the actions taken by the Corporation on the minutes of the last meeting in respect of their jurisdiction. The Executive Director informed the Committee that installation of 100% metering is being taken up and about 3 lakhs consumers has been regularised with simplification of the electric connection process and he hoped that most of the unauthorised consumers in the state would be regularised with installation of proper electric meters. He also added that customers care centre is being in the process of opening to which grievances of the consumers would be dealt instantly through E-Mail, telephone and written complaints. Also, he added that payment of electricity bills through net-banking is also on the process of completion with ICICI bank. And further supplemented that the installation of prepaid meters has plugged the loss of revenue and has boosted the revenue collection of the company tremendously. With the induction of new employees, he hoped that the running of the MSPDCL would be in a better position than it was under the Government with the changing of the mindset of the employees.


Mr. N. Sarat Singh, Managing Director, MSPCL also gave on the progress of transmission improvement work being taken up by the Department. He informed the Committee that the present 400 kV line being taken up by the Corporation which will draw power from outside the state will be the life line of Manipur and with augmentation of transformers, enough power could be drawn from outside sources to Manipur. He further added that no other states in the North East has such kind of ambitious power line transmission system and that the transmission system could sufficiently cater the power requirement of the whole state for the next 20 – 30 years. As the work is being monitored personally by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Manipur and with the co-ordination of district administrations and police, he hoped that the transmission line would be completed soon.


Agenda II:   Determination of Retail Tariff for MSPDCL and Transmission Tariff for MSPCL, Manipur for FY 2015 - 16.

The Chairman informed the committee members that the main agenda for the meeting was to obtain the views and comments on the above agenda. With the permission of the Chair, the Executive Director (Technical), MSPDCL explained the brief outline of their Tariff Petition and the reason why the Corporation requires to submit the petition. He also added that with more power to be procured from outside, Manipur will be getting a regular supply of power. And for this the Corporation has put forward a proposal of Rs. 372.46 crores for FY 15 – 16 against the last year power purchase cost of Rs. 279.55 crores. He also stated that the expected support from the Government of Manipur is Rs. 211.91 crores and informed the Committee Members that the Government of Manipur is giving a huge support to the Corporation.

Mr. S. Rishikumar Singh, President, All Manipur Entrepreneurs Association stated that the Corporation needs to improve their services much and that they need to attend complaints of the consumers promptly. He also cited his own personal experience where-in his complaints was not attend properly even in spite of the intervention of the Executive Director (Tech.) and stated that the Corporation should be customers - centric and they should maintain proper complaint redressal mechanism within the Corporation. He concluded that he is not against the hike in Tariff but with the condition that the Corporation should give regular power supply to all consumers and urgently rectify the complaints of the consumers. Interacting to this issue Er. N. Sarat Singh, Managing Director, MSPCL stated that the loss of the revenue is mostly from the commercial side and that there is not much technical loss in the main holding company with the co-operation from the public and installation of prepaid meters, he hoped that this commercial loss also will be plugged soon.

Mr. E.Dolendro Singh, Advisor, All Manipur Consumers’ Association highlighted the problems of the consumers where even the prepaid meters installed are not working properly and enquired whether the Corporation has any meter testing mechanism before supplying it to the consumers and also enquired how on the prepaid meters tariff slab could be billed. Replying to the query, the Corporation stated that there is an inbuilt programme where there is no problem on billing of tariff slab even if a new tariff is issued by the Commission. And also added that the prepaid meters are not working properly on low voltage problem and the Corporation is on a look out to solve this serious issue.

Mr. S. Rishikumar again added that the Corporation Officers and staff needs to have a cordial relation with their customers and only with the co-operation from the public the company can work efficiently.

Mr. L. Sadananda Singh, General Secretary, Senior Citizen for Society also added that with the on-going 400 kV transmission line likely to be commissioned very soon and with the personal supervision by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Manipur and with the availability of more power from outside he expects a better power supply and with this, he agrees to the proposed tariff hike.

The Committee recommends the proposed hike on the Tariff Petition of MSPDCL and Transmission Tariff of MSPCL FY 15 – 16 unanimously.

The Meeting ends at 12 :45 Pm with a vote of thanks from the Chair.





Memo No. H.11019/26/13-JERC              :            Dated Aizawl, the 2nd March, 2013



Copy to:

  1. PS to Hon’ble Chief Minister, (Power), Govt. of Manipur, Imphal for kind information of the Hon’ble Chief Minister.


  1. PPS to Chief Secretary, Govt. of Manipur, Imphal for kind information of the Chief Secretary.


  1. PS to Principal Secretary (Power), Govt. of Manipur for information and necessary action of the Principal Secretary.


  1. All Members/Special Invitees of the State Advisory Committee of Manipur for kind information and necessary action.


  1. Guard File.





Assistant Secretary













                      List of Members and Invitees Present:              


15th Meeting of the State Advisory Committee of Manipur held on 19th February, 2015, Hotel Imphal, Conferance Hall, Imphal, Manipur                 




  1. Mr. A. Chhawnmawia, IDES (Rtd.)                    -          Ex-Officio Chairman.


JERC for Manipur & Mizoam                             


  1. Mr. Th. Saratkumar Singh

OSD (MSME)                                                             -           Member

for Director, Industries Department


3.   Mr. Ng.Chittaranjan Singh                                   -           Member

Scientific Officer,

for Director MANIREDA.


4.   Mr. L. Sadananda                                                  -           Member

General Secretary,

                        Senior Citizens for Society, Manipur


5.   Mr. Elangbam Dolendra Singh,

           Advisor,                                                                     -          Member.

All Manipur Power Consumers’ Association 


6.   Mr. S.Rishikumar Singh,                                         -           Member.


All Manipur Entrepreneurs’ Association.



7.   Mr. P.Arunkumar Singh,                                        -           Member.


Consumers’ Club, Imphal



8.   Dr. Chongtham Narendra Singh (Advocate),-         Member.

Former President,

District Consumers Redressal Forum (Imphal)



9.    Mr. G. Khupchinpau                                            -           Member.


 New Lamka, Churachandpur District, Manipur.



10. Mr. Richard Zothankima                                      -           Member-Secretary

      Assistant Secretary

      for Secretary, JERC (M&M)





  1. Er. N. Sarat Singh, Managing Director, MSPCL, Manipur.
  2. L. Priyokumar, Executive Director (Technical), MSPDCL.
  3. Er. L. Pachuau, Chief (Engineering), JERC (M&M).
  4. Er. H. Thanthianga, Asst Chief (Engineering), JERC (M&M).
  5. Mr. L. Chandrakumar Singh, Member, Consumer District Forum.
  6. Er. Kh. Khamba Singh, General Manager, EC No-1, MSPDCL.
  7. Er. L. Joychandra Singh, General Manager, EC-III, MSPDCL
  8. Mr. Piyush Lohia, Consultant, PWC.
  9. Er. Th. Aton Singh, General Manager, EC-II
  10. Ms. Rinita Keisham, General Manager (F&A)
  11. Ms. N. Purnima, Commercial Supervisor, MSPDCL
  12. Mr. L. Birdas Singh, Company Secretary, MSPDCL
  13. Er. Kh. Umakanta Singh, Assistant Manager, MSPCL
  14. Er. Pamching Lungleng, General Manager, Commercial
  15. Er. Th. Gokulchand Singh, Dy. General Manager-I, MSPCL
  16. Er. S.Chandradhaja, Dy, General Manager, MSPCL
  17. Er. Ranjan W, Dy. Manager, MSPCL
  18. Er. A. Birendra Kumar, Dy. General Manager, MSPCL
  19. Er. I. Sarat Singh, Dy. General Manager (Comm- Tariff)
  20. Er. Ng. Birjit Singh, General Manager, Transmission, MSPCL
  21. Er. M. Jadumani Singh, OSD (Planning), MSPCL
  22. Er. Ng. Subhachandra Singh, General Manager (Store & Purchase), MSPCL
  23. Er. K. Jila Singh, General Manager (PPP), MSPDCL


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