No.F.20016/4/10 – JERC







TBL Bhawan, 2nd – 5th Floor

E-18, Peter’s  Street, Khatla,

Aizawl, Mizoram – 796001

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            No.F.20016/4/10 – JERC                       :         Dated Aizawl, the 11th December, 2014




Venue                 :       I&PR Department Conference Hall, Aizawl, Mizoram

Date & Time    :       3rd December, 2014, 11:00 a.m.

            Mr A.Chhawnmawia IDES (Rtd.), Member of the Commission took the Chair and Er. L.Pachuau, Engineer-in-Chief, P& E Department was on the dais with him.

List of participants is appended.

After welcoming the Members by the Chairman, agenda wise discussion was held as:

  1. Confirmation on the Minutes of the 15th Meeting of the SAC Mizoram held on 22nd May, 2014 at I&PR Conference Hall, Aizawl, Mizoram:

The Chairman informed the Members of the Committee that the Minutes of the 15th SAC Meeting has been circulated earlier to which a copy is also enclosed and requested the Members to give their comments. As requested by Er. Benjamin L.Tlumtea, E.E. (Commercial), P&E Department on Agenda No. 2 - Installation of Meters – 100 % Metering, the Minute was corrected as ‘and that the replacement of the defective Meters will be completed by the end of 2014 under R-APDRP Scheme’  is to be read as 2016 and not 2014. And after obtaining nod from the Members, the Minutes of the meeting was declared as confirmed.


  1. 100% metering of Consumers:

The Chairman explained the various aspects of the Agenda and requested the E-in-C, P&E Department to give a report on the steps taken by the Department for 100% Metering of 9 towns under R-APDRP Scheme. The E-in-C informed the Committee that procurement of Meters is being done and funds has been released and that the Meters that will be procured under the Scheme as per the JERC (M&M) Supply Code Regulation, 2013 which will have LCD type having maximum demand indicator facility and that all the 9 towns under the Scheme will have 100% metering of all consumers. Pu Vanlalruata, General Secretary, CYMA representing President, CYMA enquired whether the work is to be taken up by the Department or through a private company. The E-in-C replied that 2 (two) private companies has been selected for the Scheme which will cover whole of Mizoram.  Pu Vanlalruata, CYMA elaborated that quality control should be maintained and vigilance should be observed by the Department for the successful installation of meters, to which the E-in-C has assured that due care will be taken up through constant monitoring. On 100% metering of other areas as requested by the Chairman, the E-in-C informed the Committee that 100% Metering to all consumers is being done. However, due to frequent meter break down / lost in real time basis 100% is not functioning to all the consumers. However, utmost care is taken to achieve the target.

The Chief (Engineering) interacted and enquired whether the meters installed confirms to the JERC (M&M) Regulations and possibility of buying through vendor.  Professor H. Lalramnghinglova also enquired whether there will be variation in rates by vendors and Department on cost of Meters, the E-in-C replied that the cost of Meters will be slightly higher if they are sold through private vendors. The CYMA suggested that energy meters which confirms to the Regulations be sold through vendors for easy access for the consumers.

Street Light Metering as requested by the Chairman, Mr. H.Lalchhuanawma, Dy. Director for Director, LAD Department informed the problem faced by the Department submitting a report of street light damage and functioning. He further stated that bills are paid for damaged street lights also and requested the Committee to suggest to the Department for settling the issue. The E-in-C, P&E Department informed that street lights are billed on per point basis and that as per the JERC (M&M) Regulations maintenance cost is to be borne by the consumers i.e. LAD / AMC etc. as per their jurisdiction. He elaborated that if funds are provided by the consumers, the Department had no problem in maintaining the street lights, and further added that if the consumers could bear the cost of Street Lights Meters, the Department was willing to fix and charge the consumers as per the meter reading. Prof H.Lalramnghinglova also added that the assistance of the Local Council in the maintenance of street lights may be sought for, and also stated that many street lights are not burning during their peak use (say 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm) where the voltage supply seems to be low and requested for providing low voltage requirement street lights. He also added that maintenance of street light be done on a public - private partnership mode wherein involvement of the Local Communities should be encouraged.

Chief (Engg.) also informed the Committee that in Kolkata, the Municipal Corporation has Street Lights Maintenance Division and suggest this could be one of the remedy. But in Mizoram, LAD /AMC has to pay to department for maintenance charges. Pu Lalduhawma Zote, President, AMFU also stated that public awareness on maintenance of street light is required to which the Local Councils / Village Councils be made aware of the issue.


  1. The Committee recommends that 100% metering of 9 towns under R-APDRP should be completed on the fixed time schedule and also the meters should comply to the Commission’s Regulations.
  2. On 100% metering of other areas not covered by R-APDRP Scheme, on the defective meters / damage / new connections, the meters should also confirm to the JERC (M&M) Regulations and that the Department should select vendor and procure the meters as specified by the Regulations and public should be made aware of this issue.
  3. On Street Light metering and maintenance the concerned authorities shall make proposal for allocation of the required amount of funds for maintenance and installation of meters for street lights and also the involvement of the Local Communities should be encouraged by the concerned consumers i.e. LAD /AMC / District Councils etc.
  1. Updating of Consumers’ Loads.

The Chairman highlighted that updating of consumers load is very much essential as it effects the increase or decrease of revenue earned by the Department and requested the E-in-C to report the steps taken up by them. The E-in-C informed that updating of consumers load is being done and that especially under the 9 (nine) towns covered by the R-APDRP Scheme load survey is being conducted meticulously. The General Secretary, CYMA informed the Committee that the facts and figures supplied by the Department does not seems reliable and request the Department to be more careful on compilation of information.

The Committee recommends that the present updating of consumers load should be completed immediately and further requisite updating should be carried out as per the Supply Code Regulations, 2013.


  1. RGGVY, REDP and World Bank funded Schemes:

Initiating the Agenda, the Chairman informed that there are various schemes which are being funded by different agencies and that in the interest of public, the SAC has to know the position and target for completion of those schemes. As requested by the Chairman, the E-in-C stated that on RGGVY scheme the performance of the Department is not satisfactory and that it is likely to be discontinued by the funding agencies i.e. Government of India. However, time extension up to December, 2014 has been given and that he is hopeful the scheme will be completed during the time frame.



REDB Scheme: The E-in-C, P&E Department stated that, award of work has been finalized at the November end. As such the work is to be just started.

 On World Bank funded scheme on improvement of transmission system etc. The scheme has been handed over to the Power Grid Corporation of India and that the P&E Department is not involved. Prof H. Lalramnghinglova also supplemented by saying that as Government of India is keen in giving huge economic consideration to state like Mizoram, it will benefit the State Government if the Schemes are completed on time.

  1. Independent Running of SLDC, Electrical Inspectorate and ZEDA: 

On Corporatization of the P&E Department, there are vital sectors which need to operate independently, viz. State Load Despatch Centre, Electrical Inspectorate and ZEDA. Prof H. Lalramnghinglova enquired why the ZEDA has not been made bigger / stronger than the present management. The E-in-C replied that ZEDA is not controlled by the Department, rather it is under a Managing Board and is registered as Autonomous Society / Organisation and that it is the purview of the Managing Board to augment the ZEDA. Pu Vanlalruata, General Secretary,  CYMA was also of the view that since these Organisations are vital, the Government should take steps for their independent operation as and when the P&E Department is corporatized. Unless Electrical Inspectorate is an independent organisation, it cannot fully exercise its power in inspecting the work of its boss department.


The Committee recommends that a State Government should take steps for the independent operation of these vital Organisations and that especially ZEDA, it should function as an independent organisation with augmentation of more required engineers etc. so that it could perform its mandated subjects without transferring its works to the P&E Department.



  1. Expert deployment for Commercial Accounting etc.

The P&E Department is to maintain its accounts on a commercial accounting basis and that this is one of the parameters in filing of tariff petition etc. to the Commission. The E-in-C reported that presently, the Department is following the Central PWD accounting system and that there are no qualified personnel to maintain commercial accounting in the Department. Pu Vanlalruata, General Secretary, Central YMA also added that changing of the P&E Department into Corporation is the need of an hour and expert deployment in commercial accounting should start as soon as possible. Prof. H. Lalramnghinglova also added that as it is required, the Government should be advised to create post(s) for appointment of qualified person for maintenance of commercial accounting in the Department at least on a contract basis also. Er. C.L. Thangliana also added that the P&E Department is presently not being a commercial entity, commercial accounting and auditing would be a problem and that from the lowest level upwards modification / auditing would be required.


The Committee recommends that the Government of Mizoram should take urgent steps for making arrangements for commercial accounting of the P&E Department’s accounts and that they should also take step for engagement of such qualified person to maintain commercial accounting.


The Meeting ended at 1:15 pm with vote of thanks from the Chairman.