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                                            Dated Aizawl, the 26th February, 2015.







Venue                 :       I&PR Department Conference Hall, Aizawl, Mizoram

Date & Time    :       16th February, 2015, 11:00 a.m.


            The Chairman of the Advisory Committee, Mr A.Chhawnmawia IDES (Rtd.), and Chairperson of the Commission took the Chair and Er. L.Pachuau, Engineer-in-Chief, P& E Department was on the dais with him.

List of participants is appended.

  1. Confirmation on the Minutes of the 16th Meeting of the SAC Mizoram held on 3rd December, 2014 at I&PR Conference Hall, Aizawl, Mizoram:

The Chairman welcomed the members and informed them that the Meeting was convened specifically to discuss and obtain the views of the Members on the Tariff Petition submitted by the P&E Department for the FY  2015 – 16. Then, he requested the members to give their comments on the Minutes of the 16th SAC Meeting which was held on 3rd December 2014. After obtaining nod from the members, the Minutes of the Meeting was declared as confirmed.

The E-in-C, P&E Department give an action taken report on the decisions taken on the 16th Meeting of the SAC Mizoram as:

On 100% metering under R-APDRP Scheme covering 9 (nine) towns in Mizoram installation of meters is as per the schedule even though there is fund constraint. The meters installed also confirms to the Commission’s specifications. Also, towns not covered by R-APDRP scheme, installation of meters are also being done as per the Commission’s direction.

On street light metering, proposal to convert the present street lights to LED tubes confirming to Bureau of Energy Efficient criteria on Aizawl street lights is being considered, the cost of repairing and maintenance of street light in other towns is also being considered which will be submitted to concerned Department / Bodies.

On updating of consumers’ load, as it is a part of item under R-APDRP scheme, covering 9 (nine) towns, consumers load updating is being completed soon and also step to other towns is being taken up.

On RGGVY, the project is on the stage of completion except 5 (five) depopulated villages under Lawngtlai district. The project will be completed by the end of March 2015.

On REDB Scheme, infrastructure, augmentation is being taken up. Tenders and contracts are being floated and contract agreements are on the process of being signed with the selected contractors.

On World Bank funded scheme on improvement of transmission lines, the Power Grid Corporation of India who has taken the project has taken the matter with them and hoped that action will be taken from their side soon.

On independent running of SLDC and Electrical Inspectorate even though the 2 (two) organisations are under the umbrella of Department no pressure has been given from the Department to these 2 (two) organisations. Hence, they are both working efficiently to their assigned jurisdictions.

On ZEDA, as the Agency is working as an autonomous organisation managed by a Managing Board, the Department is not involved in the functioning of the Agency.

On creation of post(s) for deployment of experts in commercial accounting, a proposal has been submitted to the Government of Mizoram for creation of post(s). As and when approval is received the engagement would be taken up.

On queries raised by Mr. Vanlalruata, General Secretary, CYMA he urged the Department to see that the independent functioning of SLDC and the Electrical Inspectorate are not compromised. And he also supplemented that many street lights are still put on even during day time. And also further stated that there are some distribution boxes are seen burning which could cause serious damages to consumers and requested the Department to urgently take up this issue. The E-in-C replied that the fault found in the present distribution boxes is due to too many plastic elements used in the boxes. And hence a new design has been made which will be used very soon and hoped that this will rectify the present problem faced in the distribution boxes.

Agenda 2:     Determination of Retail Tariff for Power & Electricity Department,

                        Mizoram FY 2015 – 16.

As requested by the Chairman, Mr. L.Pachuau, E-in-C, P&E Department gave a brief outline on the Tariff Petition filed by the Department and then the E-in-C requested Er. V.Rodingliana, SE (Commercial) P&E Department to highlight the brief outline of the petition.  Er. V.Rodingliana, SE (Commercial) explained that the Tariff Petition was filed on the basis of the Multi-year Tariff Regulations, 2014 framed by the Commission and explained that the average proposed tariff hike is only of Rs. 0.25 per unit and that this small hike will not be a heavy burden to the consumers. Mr. Vanlalruata, Gen. Secretary, CYMA stated that the public notice issued by the P&E Department, the time given for soliciting comments from the public was too short and that it seems that the general public are not aware of the public notice. Er. Benjamin L.Tlumtea, Sr. EE (Comm.) P&E Department also commented that a small printing mistake was made by the publishers on the published earlier public notice and that an immediate corrected public notice was published subsequently with no loss of time and also added that no public / organisation has come forward to get detailed information on The Tariff Petition.

Er. F.Lalliantluanga, SE, PHE Department stated that the raising cost on public water works tariff  proposed by the Department could be a burden to the public and also on the fixed charges, the Department is paying huge amount. The P&E Department stated that there is a nominal increase on the energy charge proposed and also that most of the PHE Department connections are on HT Lines where there is no increase on the contracted demand charge.

Mr. R.Laltluanga, Secretary, AMFU also stated with increase in power charges there is constant load shedding and hence the Organisation is against the hike in the Tariff. Mr. Vanlalruata, General Secretary, CYMA also stated that the hike in fixed charge is too much. Mr. Lalpekhlua from Chamber of Commerce and Industries also stated that the fixed charge increase is too high and that it would be burden to the consumers and requested to lower the charges of the Tariff used by the Industries.

Mr. A.Biaklawma, Director, LAD also commented that the percentage increase on the proposed Tariff is not high but the services rendered by the Department needs much improvement. The CYMA also proposed that more public awareness on the functioning of the Department is required and that the Department needs to take economical measures as the employee cost for the running of the Department is too high and also the correct facts and figures needs to be given on the ARR. The P&E Department replied that all the figures stated in the ARR are audited by competent authority and it could be verified by any Organisation.

Mr. Lalrinsanga, Deputy Secretary, Food & Civil Supplies Department also stated that the Department needs to improve their services and that corruption of any kind like theft of power needs to be checked even amongst the employees of the P&E Department. The CYMA also stated the need for checking on the ARR by other competent body and the need for transparency should be maintained on the ARR. Er. V. Rodingliana, SE (Comm) P&E Department also added that the Department is ever willing to assist any Organisation / Person who is interested to know the facts and figures of the Department and welcomed the members to take the opportunity.

The Meeting ended at 12:55 pm with vote of thanks from the Chairman.





Memo No.H.11019/27/12-JERC            :        Dated Aizawl, the 26th February, 2015.


Copy to:

  1. P.S to Hon’ble Chief Minister, i/c P&E Department, Govt. of Mizoram for kind information to the Hon’ble Chief Minister.
  2. PS to Secretary, P&E Department, Govt. of Mizoram  for kind information to the Secretary and for taking necessary action on the Minutes of the Meeting.
  3. All Members / Invitees of the State Advisory Committee for kind information and for taking necessary action on the Minutes of the Meeting.
  4.  Guard File.





   Assistant Secretary























                      List of Members and Invitees Present:             


17th Meeting of the State Advisory Committee of Mizoram held on 16th February, 2015, I&PR Department, Conferance Hall, Aizawl, Mizoram





  1. Mr. A. Chhawnmawia, IDES (Rtd.)                    -          Ex-Officio Chairman.


JERC for Manipur & Mizoam                             


  1. Mr. Lalrinsanga, MSS

Deputy Secretary                                                   -           Member

for Secretary, Food, Civil Supplies &

Consumer Affairs Department


3.   Mr. F. Liantluanga                                                  -           Member

SE, for E-in-C, PHE Deptt.


4.   Mr. C. _                                                     -           Member


                        Trade & Commerce Department


5.   Er. _,

           Director,                                                                     -          Member.

Zoram Energy Development Agency


6.   Mr. Lalpekhlua,                                                       -           Member.


for President, Mizoram Chamber of

Industries and Commerce.


7. Dr. Chawngsailova Sailo,                                     -           Member

    General Secretary,

    for President, Mizoram Consumers’ Union



7.   Mr. Vanlalruata,                                                     -           Member.

General Secretary,

For, President, Central YMA



8.   Mr. R. Laltluanga,                                                  -           Member.


for President, All Mizoram Farmers’ Union



9.    Mr. Zahlira Ralte                                                    -           Member.


 for President, Mizoram Upa Pawl Gen. Hqrs.



10. Mr. L. Biakthanga.                                                  -           Member.


      Transport Department.


11. Mr.A. Biaklawma, MCS                                        -           Member.




12. Mr. Richard Zothankima                                      -           Member-Secretary

      Assistant Secretary

      for Secretary, JERC (M&M)


B.  Er. L. Pachuau                                                          -           Special Invitee


      Power & Electricity Department.






  1. Er. L. Pachuau, Chief (Engineering), JERC (M&M).
  2. Er. R. Vanlalhruaia, C.E., Power & Electricity Department.
  3. Er. V. Rodingliana, SE, Design, Power & Electricity Department.
  4. Er. H. Thanthianga, Asst Chief (Engineering), JERC (M&M).
  5. Mr. Lala Khobung, Consultant (Legal), JERC (M&M).
  6. Er. B. L. Tlumtea, Sr. EE, Power & Electricity Department.
  7.  Er. Lalhminghlua, AE, Power & Electricity Department.
  8. Er. Lalramlien F. Tusing, AE, Power & Electricity Department.
  9.  Mr. Arvind Tewari, Consultant, Power & Electricity Department.