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Minutes of the First Meeting of the State Advisory Committee of Manipur held on      8th May, 2009 (Friday) from 11 AM at Hotel Imphal, Imphal.


Members present are:-

  1. Shri Rin Sanga, Chairman, Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur & Mizoram.
  2. Shri H.Bihari Singh, Member, Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur & Mizoram.
  3. Shri S.Buddhananba Singh, Commissioner, Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution.
  4. Shri S.Chaothoi Singh, President, Manipur Industries Union.
  5. Shri L.Nabahivhman, ADC, Chandel for DC, Chandel.
  6. Shri Joseph Pauline, ADC, Senapati for DC, Senapati.
  7. President, Consumers Club, Manipur.
  8. Shri Norbert Disinang, Director, CAFPD
  9. Shri K.Panmei, DC, BPR
  10. Shri Rsh.Ibochou Singh, General Secretary, AMEA.
  11. Shri L.Heramani Singh, ADC Tamenglong for DC, Tamenglong.
  12. Shri R.K.Chaoba Singh, Addl.Dir. (U/HE)
  13. Shri N.Ashok Kumar, DC, Ukhrul.
  14. Shri R.K.Dinesh, DC, Thoubal.
  15. Shri M.A.Shukur, ADM, IW for DC, Impphal West.
  16. Shri Soraisham David, ADC, IE for DC, Imphal East.
  17. Shri N.Sarat Singh, Chief Engineer (Power).
  18. Shri Richard Zothankima, Assistant Secretary, Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission  for Manipur & Mizoram.


Chairman, Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur and Mizoram took the chair and at the outset welcomed the Members after which he briefed the Members on the role and functions of the Commission as well as that of the Advisory Committee as envisaged in the Electricity Act, 2003. Then, the other agenda items were taken up for discussion as under:


Agenda 2.  Power Generation & Purchase of Power:-

(a) Power Generation:-

Member, Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur & Mizoram observed that as the State does not have its own meaningful power generation, the Consumers have suffered power crisis all the time. The small Hydro Power Stations were also not successfully operated due to technical and other reasons. He suggested that the available hydro power potential of the State should be tapped at the earliest for energy security and for overall economic development of the State.

   Chairman enquired as to why the three Power Projects i.e. Leimakhong Stage-II MHP, Nungshangkhong MHP and Lokchao MHP were not running. The Electricity Department explained that it was due to scarcity of water and difficulties in maintenance of the Water Conductor System.

Commissioner, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Department proposed to include MANIREDA in the State Advisory Committee as a Member as Small Hydro Projects up to 25 MW capacities are to be taken up by them. He also pointed out that Heavy Fuel Power Projects at Leimakhong is not a viable Project. Member, JERC (M&M) clarified that the Project was constructed for a stand-by generation to be used at a time of emergency only.

Commissioner Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Department further stated that objections for construction of bigger Hydel Project in Manipur were many for which the Department did not respond to such allegations coming from several organizations in this regard. He opined that this has given a wrong signal to the general public with regard to the construction of big Hydel Projects. He therefore, suggested for wide publicity on the benefits of the Projects.


After deliberations, the recommendations of the Committee are:

  1. Wide publicity on the Project Parameters and benefits of all the Major Hydel Projects be made through Mass Media.
  2. Inclusion of MANIREDA as a Member of the Committee.
  3. That all the major Hydel Projects in Manipur be started as early as possible.


(b) Purchase of Power:

Member JERC (M&M) made clear to the Committee that the total power consumption in the State is purchased from the allocated Share of Manipur in the Central Sector Generating Stations of the Region and that generation in the North East Region is predominantly Hydro and therefore seasonal shortages are unavoidable.

The Member, JERC (M&M) opined that interstate open access facilities are already available and power can be purchased from other Regions through trading mechanism. He was also of the view that the overall power generation scenario in the North East Region is also not likely to improve for the next two years.


It was deliberated at length and the recommendations are:

  1. The Electricity Department should have a short and long term Policy / Plan on purchase of Power to meet the growing demand.
  2. Seasonal shortages of Power may be supplemented by purchasing power from outside the North East Region.
  3. The Department may initiate and move the Ministry  of Power to allocate the share of Power from the Bongaigaon and Pallatana Thermal Projects.
  4. Department to initiate for increase in share of allocation from the existing Central Projects.


Agenda 3. Theft of Energy and Losses:-

Theft of Energy and Losses in the State was found to be the highest in the country.

After deliberations, the following points are recommended:

  1. Identification of Culprits and booking of cases against them vigorously.
  2. Monitoring and Accountability of Staff by way of incentives and disincentives be introduced.
  3. Urgent implementation of APDRP Schemes.
  4. Aggressive and wide publicity on awareness of Power Theft and its effect through the Media both print and electronic.
  5. Setting up of Special Court for trying the identified culprits.
  6. Involvement of NGOs like Women Organizations, etc in creating public awareness including identification of Power Theft may also be made.
  7. Energy Audit should be enforced.


Agenda 4. Load Shedding:

            Chairman, JERC (M&M) pointed out that presently the average duration of power supply in the State is 8 hours only and it is very alarming. All out effort should be made to minimise the period of load shedding. President, Manipur Industries Union informed the Committee that small industries in the State have failed due to non-availability of power. He observed that the load shedding programme and the actuals do not match, whereas the industries require 8 hours a day during day time, they are getting 2 hours only. Member, JERC (M&M) proposed to operate Heavy Fuel Based Power Project. All the Members felt the need for purchase of Power from any available source in view of the acute shortage. CE (Power) stated that the present T&D losses are not controllable and is extremely high, hence, purchase of power during this dry spell will also be very costly.


Recommendations are:

  1. As of present scenario, on the Load Shedding nothing can be done unless and until theft of Energy and Losses are minimised and that the Power generation of the region is improved.
  2. Heavy Fuel Based Power Project be operated.


Agenda 5. Metering and Billing:

            It was unanimously felt that the number of regular consumers without Energy Meter (20,432) and with defective meters are very high. Immediate action needs be


taken for providing Energy Meters to all consumers. Members were of the view that non-metering is one of the reasons for the high level of Energy Losses.

            On the billing system, representative of the Consumers’ Forum pointed out that the consumers are not getting their bills on time and nor regularly. He also pointed out that most of the Consumers were billed with minimum charge. As a result, he expressed that the consumers in the State are not willing to pay as the power supply is very irregular. It was also considered that computerization of billing may be introduced in all the Districts in the first instance which may improve the billing efficiency and help in reducing the loss.


Recommendations are:

  1. The Department should repair / replace all the defective Meters and simultaneously should fit Energy Meters to all Consumers by December, 2009.
  2. The Department should take steps for regularization of all unauthorised connections within December, 2009.
  3. Correct and timely billing to the Consumers should be ensured.
  4. Computerization of billing in all Districts.

            The Meeting ended with the vote of thanks to the Chair.



Sd/- H.BIHARI SINGH                                                               Sd/- RIN SANGA

           MEMBER                                                                               CHAIRMAN


Memo No.H.11019/16/09-JERC              :              Dated Aizawl, the 20th May, 2009.

Copy to:

  1. PPS to Chief Secretary, Govt. of Mizoram, Aizawl / Govt. of Manipur, Imphal for kind information.
  2. PS to Commissioner / Secretary, P&E Department, Govt. of Mizoram / Govt. of Manipur for information.
  3. All Members of the State Advisory Committee  of Manipur for favour of kind information and necessary action.
  4. Guard File.





Assistant Secretary

Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission

For Manipur & Mizoram.