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  Dated Aizawl, the 9th November, 2009.



            The new Chairman of the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur & Mizoram, Pu C.Hmingthanzuala, IAS (Rtd.) who also assumed the charge of the Chairman, State Advisory Committee of Manipur only a couple of days ago, was welcomed by the Members of the Committee.

            In the introductory speech, the Chairman briefly narrated the significant role being played by the State Advisory Committee in resolving the difficulties afflicting the power sector of Manipur and therefore emphasised the need for active participation of each of the Members in the itemwise deliberation.

            With the permission of the Chairman, Shri H.Bihari Singh Ex.Officio Member initiated the discussion and other Members present in the Meeting also expressed their views and suggestions at important relevance.


  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 1st Meeting of the State Advisory Committee held on 08/05/09 at Imphal.

Referring to the recommendations of Advisory Committee in its 1st Meeting, Shri H.Bihari Singh, Ex.Officio Member, expressed the desire to know from the Electricity Department Officials the initiatives taken by the Department and also sought the consent of the Members to the confirmation of the minutes of the 1st Meeting.


The Committee confirmed the Minutes of the first Meeting after giving a patient hearing to Shri R.K.Kishore Singh Addl.CE(P) who gave a brief account of the actions initiated so far by the Department on those decisions.


  1. Quality and Continuity of Power Supply:

The Ex.Officio Member, Shri.H.Bihari Singh expressed grave concern on the quality and the continuity of power that has been supplied to the consumers of the State. The Member was not prepared to subscribe to the illusive idea that loss could be reduced only when the quantum of power purchase (hence the supply) is minimised, and therefore urged the Electricity Department come out with a Green Paper indicating short, medium and long term comprehensive measures that are needed to be taken for steady improvement of the power supply system in the State.


      Supplementing to Member’s remark on the present power scenario of the State, Shri N.Shyamsundar Singh C(E)/JERC stated that the Green Paper, which is precisely a preparatory paper shall cover all aspects of the Sub-Sectors namely Generation, Transmission and Distribution including consumers service and revenue collection. The important aspects shall include among others, the early start/completion of generation projects, strengthening and expansion of transmission and transformation projects, reduction of AT&C losses through energy audit, hundred percent metering and billing, detection and regularisation of the un-authorised connections through incentivisation, eradication of theft of power cases, increase of number of registered consumers, deployment of more staff in the consumers service (by re-organising the existing Staff) and attaining commercial viability through proper/justified collection of revenue, and each of them needs special consideration while preparing the Green Paper. The primary proposal shall also indicate ways and means that are methodical and pragmatic, for achieving the desired goal and the same shall be placed before the Committee in the 3rd Meeting for its consideration and subsequent preparation of a White Paper for submission to the Government – the C(E)/JERC added.


Almost all the Members of the Committee took part in the discussion on the vital issue and emphasized the need for giving power supply for at least 8 (eight) hours in the day time in the interest of the industrial and commercial consumers and another 6 (six) hours in the night in the interest of students, media and security personnel, etc. After extensive deliberations, it was decided to recommend the following:

(i) Electricity Department shall come out with a Green Paper within 2 (two) months w.e.f.30.10.2009 on how the power supply system in the State can be reasonably improved and place the same before the next Committee Meeting.


(ii) Electricity Department shall make all necessary arrangements for supply of power for at-least 8 (eight) hours in the day time and 6 (six) hours in the night.


(iii) To advice the Commission for taking up appropriate actions with the State Government and Electricity Department for (i) and (ii).


  1. Protection of Consumers’Interest:

Member JERC (M&M) once again stressed the need for wide publicity of the abstracts of the Regulations on Standard of Performance, Supply Code and details of the CGRF etc in the local Dailys to attract the attention of the general consumers to the redressal mechanism designed under the Act. He also informed that a compliance report of the publicity is time bound as per the directions of the APTEL.

Shri L.Priyokumar Singh ACE (P) informed the Committee that the Department has initiated for wide publicity of the SOP, Supply Code and redressal mechanism and assured that the entire formalities would be completed soon.

Meanwhile, the Advisory Committee felt that the Electricity Department has taken considerably long time to complete the formalities for establishing the CGRF and IGRCs in the Department as per Electrical Act, 2003 and therefore, reiterated that the balance formality be completed and compliance report be submitted to JERC (M&M) along with the News Papers in about a week’s time.


  1. Citizens Charter:

A brief description of the Citizens Charter was presented to the Committee by Member JERC (M&M). The importance of the Charter and its effective role in providing co-ordination among the stakeholders and safeguarding their interests were also highlighted in the Meeting.

The Committee found the Charter to be in order. However, it was decided that any kind of proposal for inclusion, modification or omission from any quarter shall be accepted by the Commission till 5th November, 2009.



  1. Disconnection of Distribution Transformers:

This particular item was included in the Agenda based on inability/failure report furnished by the Department on the disconnection of the un-authorized/defaulting individual consumer who use to enjoy power supply without any burden. It was made with a good intention to create an atmosphere where ideal consumers interact with the defaulting consumers and bring in a reformed system which may help the Department serve them better.

The President, Manipur Consumers’ Club stated that the proposal appears to be a desperate action of the Department and that such kind of mass disconnection at Distribution Transformer would definitely cause inconvenience to the ideal consumers having connections to the Distribution Transformer and the inconvenience may lead them even to the law court for litigation and redressal. Majority of the members present were also of the same views.

Therefore, the Advisory Committee decided to defer the discussion on the disconnection issues till the Green Paper proposing several measures against defaulting consumers, is received from the Department.


  1. Appointment of Electrical Inspector:

The Advisory Committee was unanimous about having an Electrical Inspector who is not related and involved in any case with the construction and installation undertaken by the Electricity Department and it was decided to advice the Commission to make necessary proposal to the Government for appointment of an independent Inspector as per Electricity Act, 2003.


  1. Miscellaneous:
  1. Reduction of AT & C Losses.
  2. Energy Audit at 11 KV Feeders.
  3. Commercial viability of the Utility.
  4. Regularization of unauthorized consumers.
  5. Billing and Revenue Collection.
  6. Corporatisation.
  7. Power Reforms & Regulatory Functions.


The C(E)/JERC stated in the Meeting that even though listed last, these items are not the least. These are supposed to be either completed or on-going works taken up by the Department since last several months.

Giving importance to the works that are unavoidable from technical and commercial reasons, the Committee wanted a Status Report from the Department. The JERC (M&M) may be advised to collect it and put up for discussion in the next Meeting.


Many more points related to irregular billing, erratic power supply and poor consumer service etc also came up for discussion during the Meeting. The Ex.Officio Member informed the Committee in this regard that these complaints may be lodged formally to the CGRF and IGRCs which are now functional and ready to accept and redress consumer grievances and also urged the Department to extend full Co-operation to the consumers to avoid complications.

It was around 3:30 pm when Meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.


List of Members present appended:




Memo No.H.11019/16/09-JERC               :      Dated Aizawl, the 9th November, 2009.

Copy to:

  1. PS to Hon’ble Minister, P&E Deptt., Govt. of  Manipur, Imphal for kind information of the Hon’ble Minister (Power).
  2. PPS to Chief Secretary, Govt. of Manipur, Imphal for kind information of the Chief Secretary, Manipur.
  3. PS to Principal Secretary (Power), Govt. of Manipur for information of the Principal Secretary (Power).
  4. All Members of the State Advisory Committee of Manipur.
  5. Guard File.




Assistant Secretary

Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission

For Manipur & Mizoram.

Attendance list of Members present in the 2nd Meeting of the State Advisory Committee for the State of Manipur.


  1. Mr.C.Hmingthanzuala, Chairperson JERC (M&M)- Ex-Officio Chairman.
  2. Mr.H.Bihari Singh, Member JERC (M&M)- Ex-Officio Member.
  3. Mr.Sapam Chaothoi Singh, President, Manipur Industries Union- Member.
  4. Mr.Ksh.Ibochou Singh, General Secretary, AMEA- Member.
  5. Mr.S.Naba Singh, ADC, Bishnupur representing D.C, Bishnupur- Member.
  6. Mr.G.Budhachandra Sharma, AC to DC, Imphal East representing D.C- Member.
  7. Mr.Raghumani Singh, Deputy Director (II), Consumers Affairs Food & Public Distribution representing Secretary (FCS) Deptt.,- Member.
  8. Mr.Haobam Ronel, President, Consumers’ Club, Manipur- Member.
  9. Mr.N.Sarat Singh, CE (Power) Electricity Department- Special Invitee.
  10. Mr.L.Manglem Singh, Director, MANIREDA - Special Invitee.
  11. Mr.R.K.Kishore Singh, ADDL. C.E(P)-I.
  12. Mr.L.PriyoKumar, ACE (II), Electricity Department.
  13. Mr.N.Dwijen Singh, SE (Civil), Electricity Department.
  14. Mr.Ng.Birjit Singh, SE (EC-III), Electricity Department.
  15. Mr.Kh.Khamba Singh, SE/EC-I, Electricity Department.
  16. Mr.T.Raghumani Singh, SE (Trans.Circle), Electricity Department.
  17. Mr.Ng.Sarat Singh, SE / Electrical Circle-II, Electricity Department.
  18. Mr.Th.Aton Singh, SE (Comml.), Electricity Department.
  19. Mr.Jadumani Singh, SE (Planning), Electricity Department.
  20. Mr.Ng.Chittarajan Singh, Scientific Officer (Hydro), MANIREDA.
  21. Mr.E.Tomba Singh, Labour Officer.
  22. Mr.Th.Indrajit Singh.
  23. Mr.Ph.Tomchou Meitei, Consumer Club Publicity.
  24. Mr.N.ShyamSundar Singh, C(E)/JERC.
  25. Mr.Richard Zothankima, Assistant Secretary, JERC (M&M)- Member