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Dated Aizawl, the 20th November , 2009.


Minutes of the 2nd Meeting of the State Advisory Committee of Mizoram held on 12th November, 2009 (Thursday) at I&PR Conference Hall, Aizawl.


List of Members present is appended.


                        The new Chairman of the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for the States of Manipur & Mizoram, Mr.C.Hmingthanzuala IAS (Rtd.) who has assumed the charge of Chairman, State Advisory Committee of Mizoram took the Chair and welcomed the Members and the invitees present in the Meeting.

                        Initiating the discussion, the Chairman briefly narrated the significant role being played by the State Advisory Committee in resolving the various issues facing the Power sector in Mizoram and emphasised the need for participation of each of the Members in the item wise deliberation.

                        With the permission of the Chairman, Mr.H.Bihari Singh, Ex-Officio Member took up the Agenda one by one for discussion and other Members present in the Meeting also expressed their views and suggestions.


  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of the First Meeting of State Advisory Committee held on  5th May, 2009 at Aizawl:  

The Chairman requested the P&E Department Officers to inform the Committee on the actions taken on the recommendation of the first Meeting and also sought the consent of the Members to the confirmation of the Minutes of the First Meeting.

After giving a patient hearing to Mr.V.Rodingliana, SE (RE) and Mr.Lalduhzuala Sailo, SE (Commercial) of E-in-C Office, P&E Department, who gave a brief account on the actions initiated so far by the Department on those decisions, the Committee confirmed the Minutes of the First Meeting.


  1. Quality and Continuity of Services:  

Member JERC (M&M), Mr.H.Bihari Singh briefly defined the quality and continuity of services in the light of the Regulations for Standard of Practice (SOP) & Supply Code (SC) and opened the discussion to all Members. He informed that the power shortage in the State during the first quarter of this calendar was about 30% and the State Power Department could not maintain a continuous power supply to the consumers.        

On a query from the Chairman, the General Secretary, Consumers Union informed the Members that the power supply in all the districts in the recent times is reasonably good.                          Pu V.Rodingliana SE, P&E Department informed that there has been a frequent unscheduled outages of the Kopili and Loktak H.E.Projects and it has caused intermittent interruption in the power supply in the State.

Taking part in the discussion, Pu L.Sailo, General Secretary of Mizoram  Consumer’s Union and Pu B._ former Chief Engineer, P& E Department expressed the desire that the availability of power supply and load shedding programme are highlighted in advance on the media particularly the Radio and TV/Cable Networks so that the general consumers are given time to plan and adjust their activities as per the availability of Power.

Pu R.Sangliankhuma CEO, Aizawl Municipal Council and Dr._ Reader, Dept. of Economics of Mizoram University also made similar observations and wanted further improvement of consumer’s service like timely restoration of power supply, proper billing, and timely providing service connection etc.

Pu R.Lalfanliana Chief Engineer, PHE Department expressed concern over the fluctuation of voltage and frequency levels in the supply system that largely affect the operation of water pumps and hence inconvenience in the distribution of water to the general public.

Giving importance to the issues raised by the Chief Engineer, PHE Department,    Mr N.Shyamsundar Singh Chief (Engineering), JERC (M&M) suggested that PHE Department, may consult the P&E Department and find out a suitable slot of time during the off-peak hours, preferably between midnight and 5 A.M., for operating the pumps and emphasized the need for this kind of arrangement at this modern age when there is no difference between day and night activities. This arrangement could avoid the clash of interests between the service providers - Mr.N.Shyamsundar Singh Chief (Engineering), JERC (M&M) added.

Sharing his views, Pu B._ former Chief Engineer, P&E Department stressed the need for early strengthening and stabilisation of the Transmission & Distribution system in order to avoid technical snags, supply interruptions and subsequent energy loss.

The State Committee was unanimous on the fact that the present Power Supply within the State is satisfactory. However, all the Members expressed concern over the limited availability from the Central Sector Hydel Power generation in NER region during the winter season when water level in the reservoir recedes to the minimum. During this period the demand will increase substantially and availability will decrease. In view of the anticipated shortfall, the Department was requested to make arrangement for procurement of additional Power in advance to maintain the present trend of improved and continuous power supply.

The representatives from the Department stated that due to Transmissions and Transformation Constraints at Kopili-Khandong and Kopili, sufficient Power could not be imported. In this regard, the Hon’ble Member stated that these infrastructures are interstate in nature and therefore suggested that the matter may be put up for discussion at the NEPC forum immediately.

In relation to the quality and continuity of power supply, the Committee has recognised that the Supply Code and Standard of Performance Regulations notified by the Commission has provided adequate scope for improvement of power supply. If the utilities maintain the standards prescribed therein, the existing quality and continuity of power supply can be much more improved with the available quantum of power.

After extensive deliberation, it was decided to recommend the following:

(a). The P&E Department shall make a proper assessment of its month wise demands taking note of the Power Generation Schedule and entitlement etc. It shall take necessary initiatives for procurement of more Power so as to maintain the present status of power supply.


(b). The Department shall furnish the Commission the details of the transmission and transformation constraints experienced in drawing of more Power from the Grid. They should raise this issue to the NEPC Meeting.


(c). Bairabi Thermal Plant may be made operational and kept as stand- by generation. The storage of heavy fuel at least for 3(three) months generation may be arranged urgently.

(d). The Department shall always endeavour to maintain the standard of performance prescribed by the JERC.


  1. Protection of Consumer Interest:   

The Member JERC (M&M) stressed the need for wide publicity of the Standard of Performance, Supply Code and details of the CGRF in the local dailies and media for drawing attention of the general consumers to the redressal mechanism designed under these Regulations. The publicity made by the P&E Department on 19-08-09 in this regard was deliberated at length. All the members were of the opinion that it is insufficient. Representatives of the P&E Department stated that these Regulations are voluminous and therefore could not be publicised. General Secretary, Mizoram Consumers’ Union suggested that copies of the Regulations are made available to the Union. Members expressed that there should be consumers’ awareness programmes throughout the State. CEO, Aizawl Municipal Council stated that the P&E Department, as mandated by the EA 2003, may publicise the relevant abstracts of the Regulations at the earliest and also suggested to organise awareness programmes with manpower assistance from the Consumers’ Union.

                        It was recommended for taking action by the P&E Department, Government of Mizoram as under:

 (a). Booklets providing abstracts of the relevant Regulations of the Supply Code, SOP & redressal mechanism are prepared by the P&E Department and distributed the same to the Consumers’ Union. The publication of the abstract in Mizo language shall be completed within November, 2009.


(b). Arrangement for more dissemination to the general consumers through Print and electronic media may be made without any delay.


(c). The cooperation of NGOs like Mizoram Consumer Union, YMA, etc may be sought by the Department for the dissemination of the above information.


  1. Citizens Charter:    

The brief description of the Citizen Charter, the importance of the charter and its effective role in providing co-ordination amongst the stake holders and safeguarding their interest were also highlighted by the Hon’ble Chairman in the Meeting. The Committee found the Chapter to be in order. However, the effective date of operation shall have to be incorporated in the Regulations, before sending it to the press.


To be notified by JERC (M&M) at the earliest.


  1. Electrical Inspector:   

The role of Electrical Inspector in the Power Sector Establishment is really important as safety cannot be compromised for any cost. Pu Vanlalruata, Assistant Secretary, Central YMA stressed the need for such an arrangement in the general interest. The Inspectorate shall have a separate entity which is empowered by Act to give an unbiased opinion and direction to the P&E Department and others. All the Members felt that such an arrangement shall help prevention of loss of Power, avoidance of electrical accidents and improvement in quality of service of the Department. The Committee was unanimous about having an independent Electrical Inspector who is not related with and involved in electrical constructions and installations undertaken by the P&E Department. Therefore, it was decided to request the Government for appointment of an Electrical Inspector, who is, in all respects, separate from the present P&E Department.


P&E Department, Government of Mizoram may be advised to appoint an independent Electrical Inspector.




  1. Miscellaneous:

(i). Reduction of AT & C losses.

(ii). Energy Audit at 11 KV feeders.

(iii). Commercial viability of the Utility.

(iv). Corporatisation / Franchisee.

(v). Power Reforms and Regulatory Functions.

(vi). RGGVY.


            Out of the above six miscellaneous items, the Members proposed to take up for discussion the items at Sl.No (i) & (vi).


            (i) Reduction of AT & C Losses:   

The present AT & C losses of the State of 58.84% against the national average of about 35% is found too high. Taking part in the discussion, the C (E), JERC (M&M) briefly explained about the necessity and importance of power sector reforms process which is in progress every where in the country as per Act 2003 and requested the P&E Department to expedite completion of the process early so that AT&C loss can be minimised substantially and financial health of the sector can be gradually improved to attract more investors. Representatives of P&E Department informed that loss is in decreasing trend and the Department are making all out-efforts to reduce it further. Loss reduction programmes like System Improvement, Energy Audit, Metering etc are being taken up under RAPDRP Scheme of the Government of India. After long deliberations, the Committee decided to request the P&E Department to continue drive for further reduction of losses.


(a). Make sure that the RAPDRP Schemes which have been taken up are completed without much slippage.


            (b). Improve Billing and collection system.


(c). Augment Transmission, Transformation and Distribution Networks to meet the  requirements.


(d). Give AT & C losses reduction priority.


(ii)Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyuti Karan Yanjona (RGGVY):    

The present status on the implementation of the RGGVY was stated by             Pu V.Rodingliana, SE (RE) P&E Department. He informed that this Scheme covers 100% village electrification and is scheduled to be completed by March, 2010. Electrification of 137 nos of un- electrified villages and intensification of 570 Electrified Villages are proposed under this Scheme – the SE added. Pu Vanlalruata, Assistant Secretary, Central YMA was particular about the increase in the demand projection after giving due consideration to the added load following the village electrification.

After brief deliberation, the following recommendations were proposed:

(a). The P&E Department shall endeavour to implement the whole RGGVY as per schedule.


(b). The P&E Department shall also forecast the Power requirement of the 137 villages and the same requirement shall be included in the total power to be procured by the State.




                  The Meeting ended at 1:45 P.M. with a vote of thanks to the Chair.







Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission

For Manipur & Mizoram.


Memo No. 11019/17/09-JERC                   :                Dated Aizawl, the 20th November, 2009.

Copy to:

  1. P.S to Hon’ble Minister, P&E Department, Govt. of Mizoram for kind information to the Hon’ble Minister.
  2. P.S to Secretary, P&E Department, Govt. of Mizoram for kind information to the Secretary.
  3. All Members of the State Advisory Committee.
  4. Guard File.





Assistant Secretary

Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission

For Manipur & Mizoram.








List of Members and Invitees Present:




1. Pu C.Hmingthanzuala I.A.S. (Rtd.),          -           Ex-officio Chairman.

    Chairman, JERC for Manipur & Mizoram.


2. Pu H.Bihari Singh,                                      -           Ex-officio Member.

    Member, JERC for Manipur & Mizoram.


3. Pu R.Sangliankhuma,                                  -           Member.

    CEO, Aizawl Municipal Council.


4. Er.B._,                                          -           Member.

    Retd. Chief Engineer, P&E Department.


5. Pu R.Lalfanliana,                                        -           Member.

    CE, PHE Department.


6. Pu David C.Zahmuaka,                              -           Member.

    Director, ZEDA.


7. Dr._,                                          -           Member.

    Reader, Dept. of Economics,

    Mizoram University.


8. Pu Ngursailova Sailo,                                  -           Member.

    Under Secretary (Tech) for

    Secretary, P&E Department.


9. Pu _ Sailo,                                 -           Member.

    General Secretary for President,

    Mizoram Consumers’ Union.


10. Pu Francis Lianmawia,                              -           Member.

     General Secretary for President,

      National Trade Union of Mizoram.


11. Pu Vanlalruata,                                         -           Member.

     Asst. Secretary for President,

     Central YMA.


12. Pu Zion Lalremruata,                                -           Member.

     General Secretary for President,

     All Mizoram Farmer’s Union.


13. Dr.C._,                                       -           Member.

      Joint Director for Director,

      Trade & Commerce Department.


14. Pu V.L.T.Muana,                                      -           Member.

      Deputy Director for Director,

      Agriculture (Crop Husbandry).


15. Pu Richard Zothankima,                           -           Member Secretary

      Assistant Secretary for Secretary,

      JERC for Manipur & Mizoram.









  1. Pu N.Shyamsundar Singh, Chief (Engineering),

JERC for Manipur & Mizoram.


  1. Pu V.Rodingliana SE (RE).


3.         Pu Lalduhzuala Sailo, SE (Commercial),

         P&E Department.


4.         Pu Lalhminghlua, Asst.Chief (Engineering),

            JERC for Manipur & Mizoram.