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NO.H.11019/17/09-JERC                                                                  Dated Aizawl, the 3rd August, 2010.







            Almost all the Members of the State Advisory Committee (SAC) and Special Invitees assembled at the I & PR Department Conference Hall: Aizawl to attend the 4th Meeting of the SAC of the State of Mizoram at the right time. Shri H. Bihari Singh, Chairperson, Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur and Mizoram, who is also the Chairman of the SAC opened the Meeting with a brief introductory-cum-welcome speech.


            Pu. C. Hmingthanzuala, IAS (Retd.), Member, Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur and Mizoram, introduced the two Members who have been inducted recently into the newly constituted SAC of the State and also narrated briefly the functions, responsibilities and tenure of the SAC as per the Electricity Act, in the interest of the new Members.


Agenda 1.     Confirmation of the Minutes of 3rd State Advisory Committee Meeting:


            Initiating the agenda-wise discussion, the Chairman placed the Minutes of the 3rd SAC Meeting before the Members and sought their views & comments on it. The Minutes of the last Meeting were confirmed without any change after Members gave the nod to it.


 Agenda 2.    Development of Renewable Energy Resources for generating Power:


            Highlighting the importance of development of RE Resources at this critical juncture and also the initiatives taken by the Government of India to make Renewable Energy Purchase a mandatory, the Chairman requested the Director, ZEDA to apprise the Members of the actions initiated and preparation made by the Agency in respect of RE resources other than small hydro.


            Pu B. _, Member SAC also wanted early restructuring and strengthening of ZEDA so that development of RE sources can be taken up at a larger scale in the interest of the State.


            Referring to the brief note on different aspects including strengthening of ZEDA, that was circulated to all the Members in the Meeting, Pu. David C. Zahmuaka, Director, ZEDA, briefly explained each of the points.


•        Restructuring & Strengthening of ZEDA:


Expansion & Strengthening of the ZEDA to enable it to take up development of SHP and other RE generation projects at a larger scale is really essential. The State Government therefore, has taken right step for strengthening of ZEDA by allowing creation of 23 nos. of post as against a proposal of 40 posts. SHP development shall be done as usual by the P&E Department.


•        Activities of ZEDA:


(i)         Wind Mapping in Mizoram: C-WET, Chennai has been assigned with the wind mapping of the State. Two feasible locations have been selected - one at Chalfilh and another at Ngopa, where all the requisite equipment and machinery would be installed to measure speed as well as volume of wind and assess the potential. One years complete data would be essential for assessment of potential.


(ii)        Solar Water Heating Systems: ZEDA has successfully installed and made functional SWHSs capable of heating 36,000 LPD in Aizawl City. Attempt is being made to install more with the support of Aizawl Development Authority and other individual owners.

            Supplementing to the Director, ZEDA, Pu. C. L. Thangliana, E-in-C, P&E Department informed the Committee that two SWHS were installed one at Presbyterian Hospital, Durtlang, and another at Green Wood Hospital, Aizawl few years ago and both of them have been working satisfactorily. President, Mizoram Consumers Club and few other Members were interested to know the locations where SWHS are installed.


(iii)       SPV Power Plants: 4 nos. of SPV Power Plants of 25 KWp each have been installed at three different Hospitals at Aizawl and another one at Kolasib.


(iv)       Solar Lantern & Solar Home Lighting System: So far, ZEDA has distributed 9073 nos. of Solar Lanterns and 6201 nos. of Solar Home Lighting System to different beneficiaries of the State.


(v)        New Projects: The ZEDA is contemplating to install RE generation plants of different capacities at suitable locations of the State. The ambitious proposal includes 2 nos. of Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems (one at Mizoram Polytechnic, Lunglei and another at Mizoram University, Aizawl) and 10 nos. of SPV Power Plants of capacities ranging from 10 KWp to 25 KWp at different places including a stand Alone SPV Power Plant of capacity 42.5 KWp at Raj Bhawan, Aizawl.


            In addition, it has made proposal for procurement of 5000 nos. each of Solar Lanterns & Solar Home Lighting Systems and 290 nos. of Solar Street Lighting Systems also. Development of State Level Energy Park at Mizoram University Campus and distribution of 40 nos. of Solar Power Pack (120 Wp each) are also in the pipeline.


            In reply to a query from Pu. C. Hminghthanzuala, Member, JERC, who wanted to know how these solar systems are funded, the Director, ZEDA stated that these systems are partly funded by the Government of India in the form of subsidies and partly by the beneficiaries. These systems have no provision for metering and come under central promotional schemes.


            With respect to the small hydro generation, the Chairman SAC stated that there was some improvement in the generation after some of the plants were outsourced. The level of generation however is much less than the design. Other Members expressed the need for improvement of the projects already commissioned and also for exploiting the available SHP potential of the State. Member, JERC stated that the State has to purchase at least 15% of its requirement from the renewal energy sources by 2020. It is achievable by developing more generations from solar, wind, biomass and small hydro projects of the State. Any purchase from outside the State will be a costly proposition. Members were unanimous on development of the SHP in a larger scale.



(i)         ZEDA needs to be a lead player who is really proactive to share responsibilities in the development of power sector in Mizoram.

(ii)        Small Hydro Projects should be developed to the maximum possible.


Agenda 3.     Village Electrification:


            Referring to the physical progress report on the village electrification furnished by the P& E Department, the Chairman expressed concern over the delay by more than 3 years in achieving the target and wanted to know if Department can achieve both the targets – 100 p.c. village electrification and providing of service connection to all households in the village by 2012.


            Pu Ngursailova Sailo, Under Secretary (Power), who was representing Secretary (Power), Government of Mizoram, informed the Committee that out of 707 census villages, 570 villages were electrified earlier. This year, 9 nos. of villages have already been electrified and the remaining 128 are scheduled to be electrified within 2010-11. The detailed programme for expeditious implementation that starts sometime in the later part of September, 2010, has already been finalized. All the requisite materials have already been stacked at site and therefore, the Department is hopeful of achieving the targets positively within the schedule – Pu Ngursailova Sailo added.


            On another query about the availability and shortage of fund, the Under Secretary stated that the RGGVY scheme was sanctioned initially at an estimated cost of Rs. 268 crores. He further explained that some additional fund would be required to complete the scheme for 137 villages. Accordingly, the scheme has been revised at the completion cost of about Rs. 300 crores and submitted to the Ministry of Power for accord of sanction. Pu _ Sailo, Member SAC wanted to know more about the electrification of hamlet villages and intensification works in the State.


            In case of the non-census unelectrified 53 hamlets, the Under Secretary informed that specific programmes have not been finalized so far. He however asserted that electrification would be extended to these villages also side by side with the electrification of census villages. In respect of intensification, the Under Secretary informed that RGGVY schemes also include intensification of the remaining unelectrified households.



            The P&E Department shall make it sure to electrify all the villages within 2010-11 and give electricity to all within 2012.


Agenda 4.     Determination of Tariff:


            The Chairman informed the Committee that the Commission has received the tariff petition for 2009-10 filed by the P&E Department a few days back and also explained briefly about the tariff structure as proposed by the Government of Mizoram.


            The Chairman also informed the Committee that the proposal is under examination in the Commission and added that the new average tariff would be definitely more than the previous average tariff of Rs. 2.10 paise per unit, which was fixed in 2005 by the Government. The Chairman cited two specific reasons for that – first, prices of all construction materials have gone up over the last five years and second, the commercial aspects of the utility were not given adequate attention. It may increase further when employees are given higher salaries.


            The cost of power as per the petition filed by P&E Department is Rs. 9.91 paise per unit. The Chairman further informed that provisionally the Government of Mizoram has agreed to come to the rescue of both the utility and the consumers by providing annual financial support to the tune of Rs. 120.55 crores as tariff subsidy. This arrangement would enable the Commission to bring down the tariff to an affordable level which will be about 23 p.c. above the previous one.


            Pu. R. Sangliankhuma, CEO, Aizawl Municipal Council, stated that increase of 23% to the existing tariff is considered high. He also stated the salary component of the ARR may not be included in the tariff calculation as it is completely borne by the State Government. In reply, the Chairman, SAC clarified that Electricity Department is a commercial organisation and all the expenditures incurred in this business are to be recovered through tariff.


            Shri N. Shyamsundar Singh, Chief (Engineering), JERC for (M & M), also supplemented that the tariff can be brought down further if O & M expenditure is somehow curtailed and the loss (AT & C) rate is reduced to the minimal by making an all out effort by the P&E Department in the next couple of years.



            All the SAC Members may take part in the public hearing for which invitation shall be extended at the right time and help the Commission fix a reasonable and affordable tariff.


Agenda 5.     Review of Generation & Purchase of Power:


            Copies of the status report of Generation Projects furnished by the P&E Department were circulated to all the Members of SAC in the meeting for kind reference.


            Drawing attention of the Members to the status paper, the Chairman informed them that the State Government is giving maximum priority in hydro power generation and the Agencies who have been entrusted with either survey & Investigation or construction of the medium and large scale HE Projects in the State, are making a good progress.


            The programme for Purchase of Power was extensively discussed in the Meeting. Initiating the discussion on the vital issue, Pu. Hmingthanzuala, Member, JERC reiterated that the Commission has requested several times to furnish the short term, medium term and long term power purchase programme that takes care of the shortage of power and its consequent inconveniences caused to the entire consumers of the State, but so far, the P&E Department has not come up with any concrete proposal, even though there has been substantial shortage.


            The Chairman also expressed views that purchase of power from the Energy – Exchange is very costly affair and at the same time it is unreliable. Moreover, since the shortage is continuous and year long phenomenon, it would be better if power is purchased from a resourceful generator under a medium term agreement.    But before that, Ministry of Power, Government of India may be requested to release a reasonable quantum of power from the unallocated share to the State of Mizoram – the Chairman suggested.


            Pu. C. Hmingthanzuala, could not share the view of the SE/SLDC and stated that there have been reports of load shedding in some parts of Aizawl city and therefore, wanted to know the arrangement being made by the Department to meet the eventuality.



            The P&E Department shall give due importance to power planning of State and ensure quality power at affordable cost for all consumers.



Agenda 6.     Miscellaneous:


(i)         Load Shedding: Pu. C. Lianlunga, SE/SLDC, informed the SAC, that load shedding is not formally prevalent in Mizoram. However, there are power cuts on few instances where there are technical snags in the lines or others installations. After the SE/SLDC apprised the SAC of the present shedding-free supply arrangement in the State, the issue was not discussed further.


(ii)        Initiatives on Solar Mission: Most of the Members of the SAC expressed their desire to know more about the procedures to be followed by individuals for acquiring Solar Water Heating Systems and Solar Home Lighting Systems etc. Pu _ Sailo stated that there is an urgent need for publicizing the economic & efficient use of different kinds of solar apparatus so that more individuals come forward to take full advantage of solar Mission at this critical period when there is shortage of conventional power everywhere. A press release, highlighting the technical details, and financial implications would be helpful for both ZEDA and Users – the Members opined.


(iii)       Extension of Power Supply: Mr. C. _, Joint Director, Trade & Commerce, who is representing Director Trade & Commerce, wanted to know if power supply is extended to Tammu ( Myanmar) from Moreh (Manipur). The Chairman assured that the fact would be made available to the Member as soon as it is collected from Electricity Department, Manipur. The Department has meanwhile, confirmed that no power supply is extended to Tammu from Moreh.








            (i)         The claim of the Department that there is no load shedding in the State may be substantiated with factual data related to demand and availability of power.

            (ii)        ZEDA may initiate early action to draw attention of more individuals and organizations to the use of SWHS and SHLS, through wide publicity.


            The meeting ended at 2:00 pm with vote of thanks to the chair.




State Advisory Committee




Memo No.H.11019/17/09-JERC             :          Dated Aizawl, the 3rd August, 2010.

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