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Venue                   :        Conference Hall of State Guest House, Imphal


Date & Time        :        27th March, 2012 (Tues day), 10:30 a.m.


                        List of the Members & Invitees Present appended.


                        The 8th Meeting of the State Advisory Committee (SAC) for the State of Manipur was held at the Conference Hall of State Guest House, Imphal on 27th March, 2012 under the Chairmanship of Shri H. Bihari Singh, Chairperson, JERC (M&M). At the outset, the Chairman welcomed Mr. G. Khupchinpau, Advocate, New Lamka, Churachandpur, a new Member who has joined the Committee recently, to the meeting and also introduced him to other Members of the Committee. The Chairman then drew the attention of the Members and Invitees to the Agenda items which were circulated timely to all concerned and initiated discussion.


Agenda 1.   Confirmation of the Minutes of the 7th SAC Meeting held on Thursday, 24th November, 2011.


                        The Chairman declared the Minutes of the 7th Meeting as confirmed after the Members gave nod of approval.


Agenda 2.   Present Power Supply position and Initiatives of the Department to tide over the situation.


                        Opening the discussion on the next agenda, the Chairman informed the Committee that this topic was discussed in the earlier meetings of the SAC and the Commission had advised the Department / State Government for implementation as per the recommendation of the SAC. However there has been no tangible change in improvement of power supply in the State. The situation is deteriorating day by day rather than any sign of improvement. Therefore this agenda is proposed again for further discussion and necessary recommendations. The Chairman, thereafter requested Shri L. Prijokumar Singh Addl. C.E. (P) to place before the Committee the present power supply scenario in the Sate and remedial initiative of the Department.

                         Shri L. Prijokumar Singh Addl. C.E. (P), gave a brief account of the acute shortage of Power at the National Level and its subsequent impacts on the State scenario in terms of availability and very high cost of power. The table A given below represents the present status of power demand supply gap.

Table - A





Off Peak








March to June








July to Oct








Nov to Feb








                        Prof. M. Ranjit Singh, President, Manipur University Teachers’ Association, Manipur University made a query about non – improvement in the power supply situation in the State even when SAC recommended in 2009 for requisite initiatives for increase of the supply hours. Chairman informed the Committee that the State of Manipur depends solely on the allocation from Central Sector Generating Stations (CSGS) of NE region where there were no additional generation capacity during the last one decade. There has been always acute shortage of power in the region particularly in the lean season when the generations of the Hydro Power Plants in NER are very low due to shortage of water in the reservoirs. Secondly, the State has not procured additional power from any other sources. Thirdly, the level of distribution loss has been increasing and the accountability of the licensee is lost. Large scale discrimination of power supply is also another reason for further deterioration.

                        The Chairman wanted to know if fund constraint could be another reasons for Department’s in-ability to procure additional power from the market even when the permission to procure additional power under a short term plan has been granted by the State Commission. In reply, the Addl. CE (P) informed the Committee that process is already on to procure another 20 MW of power during April and May so that supply hours can be increased by 3/4 hours a day and for that an amount of Rs. 9 crores out of a total provision of Rs. 15 crores has been earmarked.  He also informed that the Central Government had turned down the request of the State Government for allocation of additional power to the State.

                        Dr. Ch. Ibohal Meitei, Associate Professor, Manipur Institute of Management Studies, Manipur University emphasized the need for preparing a demand supply balance sheet and proposing concrete steps for speedy improvement of the situation. Dr. Meitei was hopeful that the allocated share of the State from the Loktak HE Project can be enhanced if the Central Government is convinced expressing real difficulties faced by the State due to shortage of Power. He went on to add that the demand – supply gap is much wider in respect of Manipur and therefore, the State is worst affected. The situation is much better in Nagaland even though it does not have meaningful State owned power generating stations like Manipur. Dr. Meitei therefore suggested that somebody from the department be deputed to other States to study the situation there and work out a suitable modality for Manipur also.

                        Mr. Irengbam Arun, Senior Journalist, All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union also took part into discussion and stressed the need to do away with this problem as early as possible. Referring to his recent statement made by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Manipur on giving power to the consumers of the State for more than 16 hrs a day, Shri Arun wondered how the statement was made when the players at the field has enormous issues to be addressed to reach the goal.

                        Mr. Elangbam Dolendra Singh, Adviser, All Manipur Power Consumers’ Association felt that the supply situation has changed from bad to worst over the past few months and further informed the Committee of large scale mal – distribution of power causing blatant discrimination against some sections of the ideal consumers. He also stated that in spite of the fact that the department incured huge expenditure, the performance of the department in respect of giving power supply and consumers’ service are found to be a complete failure. He had cast doubts on the sincerity of the department.

                        Shri S. Chaothoi Singh, President Manipur Industries Union pleaded for giving priority in the State’s own Generation with foreign aids or through private.

                        Shri. L. Sadananda Singh, General Secretary, Senior Citizens for Society, Manipur wanted to know from the Department if it is due to shortage of fund that the consumers are deprived of the facilities. Terming the present power situation in the State as pitiable condition, Shri. L. Sadananda wondered why the Government is not paying heed to the call of the Committee when it is the right time to introspect. It may not be fair if the voice of the consumers is likened to the mere cry in the wilderness, Mr. L. Sadananda added. Therefore, the Member wanted to put more pressure on the Government to enhance the availability of Power. He also proposed to move the State Government for increase of share from Loktak.

                        After paying full attention to the assertion of the Members, Dr. Ch. Ibohal Meitei wanted to discuss for a short while on whether the department is discharging its duties in line with the Guidelines and Regulations of the Commission or simply beating about the bush.

                        The Chairman expressed concern on the pathetic power supply situation that remains unabated for a quite long time now, and also re – iterated that the department needs to be restructured and reform programmes are implemented for speedy improvement of the power sector in the State.


                        Shri. N. Shyamsunder Singh Chief (Engineering), JERC for (M&M) also felt that the un-allocated reserve in the Central Sector Generating Stations may not be available now and therefore, the Central Government may rather advise the State to procure the additional requirement from the exchanges as it is the normal practice to day in the country. Accordingly, the Sate, if it so desires, can purchase power from the power market at a very competitive price, but it is essential that the buyer makes advance payment for its purchase.

                        Referring to the observations made by the Principal Secretary (Power), Government of Manipur, in the previous SAC Meeting that the supply system in the State is in a vicious circle, the Chief (Engineering) further added that the Sate Government also plays safe saying that unless the AT&C Loss which is as high as 70 plus percent is brought down by the department to a reasonable level, it is not in favour of investing more on purchase of power as it is tantamount to on increase in loss. So, the ball finally comes on the court of the department. But, the department also always tries to offer excuses like “Consumers do not pay bills” and “Consumers do not co-operate”.  

                        Pu. C. Hmingthanzuala, IAS (Retd). Member, JERC for M&M also felt that the appropriate government may not encourage more investment on purchase of power when the loss rate is so high (70+ p.c.).

                        Shri. Irengbam Arun, Senior Journalist, All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union stated convincingly that the Consumers shall pay the bills regularly only when they are satisfied with the service of the supplies and that kind of State of affair can be created by the supplier only through the purchase of more power and normalization of the collection system. The department needs to study sometimes how the public mind works the Journalist added.   

                        Mr. G. Khupchinpau (Advocate) New Lamka, Churachandpur District, Manipur the new Member, expressed his view that inspite of regular payment of the electricity bills by the consumers in Churachandpur, the service remains always poor. The department perhaps works with lack of will and determination. The advocate therefore, drew the attention of the Commission to the irresponsive nature of the licensee and suggested even cancellation of licensee as per the EA, 2003.

                        Having realized that the issues and the challenges confronting the power sector need further discussion in an open forum where all interested technical and social experts, intellectuals from various disciplines and voluntary organizations can take part. A few members of the Committee Came up with a proposal to organize a State Level Open Discussion, sometime in near future under the sponsorship of the JERC for M&M and the Department and draw up concrete recommendations out of the findings in the dissecting discussion for submission to the Government of Manipur.  The Committee endorsed the view of the Members. It was agreed that “The Senior Citizens for Society” and the “All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) may be approached by the Commission to co-organize a workshop on “Power Supply in Manipur – Issues and Challenges”.


Agenda 3. Transmission System Improvement


                        As per the assurance given by the CE(Power) in the previous meeting of SAC construction  of 132/33 KV Sub-Station at Kongba, and restringing of the Jiribam – Leimatak 132 KV State Transmission Line are to be completed within March, 2012.  The Chairman informed the Committee that as per its Action Taken Report, these works are yet to be completed by the Department. Erection works for augmentation of 132/33 Kv Sub-station at Yurembam necessary for receiving and distribution of the full demand of Greater Imphal has also not been started. As result, the transformation and transmission constraints because of which the drawal of power by the State from the NE Grid still remain. The Chairman therefore expressed his anxiety as to how the department is going to receive allocated share of 20 MW of power from the Gas Based Power Plan at Palatana (Tripura) when the Plant will be commercially operated sometime August this year.

                        Shri L.Priyo Kumar Singh, Addl.CE(P) informed the Committee that 132/33 KV Sub-station at Kongba and restringing of the much awaited 132 KV Jiribam-Leimatak Transmission Line shall be completed in May this year.  He however, was reluctant to give any tentative date for completion of the Augmentation of the existing 132/33 KV Sub-station at Yurembam.  The Addl.  CE (P) did not provide the Committee with any specific reason attributing to Department’s failure to keep its words. The Committee decided to appraise the present status of the critical transmission lines and sub-stations to the State Government for its immediate attention for early completion.


Agenda 4.  Improvement of Commercial Effeciency.

            Expressing grave concern over the fast deterioration of the commercial efficiency of the department, the Chairman drew the attention of the Committee to the data furnished by the Department on disconnection drive in the Table B placed below. He stated that there could be more than 1 lakh unauthorized consumers and the Commission directed to regularize 30000 consumers every year. The Committee considered the achievement of the Department over a year’s time as really small.  The Chairman also reiterated that the department must not mix up revenue drive with identification of unauthorized consumers/theft of power cases and felt that identification work/drive does not require the support from the security forces.  Shri L.Priyokumar Singh, Addl.CE(P) assured the Committee that identification of the unauthorized consumers without taking necessary steps for disconnection shall be completed within the next three months i.e. by 31st June, 2012.

Table – B



2011-2012 (FEB)


No. of Disconnection

16885 nos.

2794 nos.


Un-authorized Consumers

422 nos.

130 nos.


No. of FIR Cases

121 nos.



No. of Charge sheeted cases

57 nos.



Collection during the drive

Rs. 17.60 Crs.

Rs. 8.00 Crs.

(Jan & FEb)


Regularization of Un-authorized


Not furnished

Not furnished


            Welcoming the commitment, Dr.Ch. Ibohal Meitei suggested that the Sub-Division wise reports be collected from the field and if possible, sub-station wise reports may be more helpful.

            Mr. G. Khupchinpau Advocate, Churachandpur wanted that the detection and identification of the unauthorized consumers are done with the help of the Churches and Village Councils in Churachandpur particularly.

The Committee decided to recommend for proper monitoring of this activity.

            Informing briefly about the importance of the 100 p.c. metering for energy audit in the State, the Chairman informed the Committee that the progress of metering is very slow and 100% metering can be achieved on completion of the following three schemes. The target set for this was March, 2013.


Metering Scheme & Progress


                        (i) Metering of 132 KV / 33 KV / 11 KV feeders, transformers and consumers without meters and with defective meters amounting to Rs. 14.72 crores, for which PIB approval is obtained:

132 Kv feeders         :           28 nos.                      132 KV Transformer:           29 nos.

33 KV feeders          :           21 nos.                       33 KV Transformer:             41 nos.

11 KV feeders          :           69 nos.

L.T. Trivector             :           2,315 nos.

(for transformer)

L.T. 3-phase              :           718 nos.

L.Y. 1-phase             :           34,000 nos.


                        (ii) Replacement of 99,000 nos. of electromechanical energy meters by electronic energy meters and 754 nos. of D.T. meters amounting to Rs. 40.47 crores, for which PIB approval obtained.

                        (iii) R-APDRP. This is an approved central funding scheme.


  The Committee decided to advice the Department to stick to the target.

                        Initiating discussion on the regular & accurate billing, Pu C.Hmingthanzuala, IAS (Rtd) Member, JERC (M&M) expressed the desire to know the number of consumers who are regularly served and who are not regularly served and also urged the department to see if postal service is of any help to the bill distribution process of the department. 

                        Stressing the urgent need for improvement of commercial efficiency of the Department, Shri N.Shyamsundar Singh, Chief(Engg), JERC (M&M) also stated that shortage of staff may cause delay in serving bills or reading meters but not a complete stoppage.  Endorsing the view of the Chief(Engg), the Chairman stated that regular checking/supervising by the officers over the functioning of the middle and lower level staff is very essential and urged the Department to check as specified in Supply Code regulation.

                        About the high AT&C Loss rate prevailing in the State, the Chief(Engg), JERC stated that as per the book of accounts maintained by the Department, there are 1.95 lakhs (approx) consumers in the state of which the valley alone has about 1.50 lakhs consumers.  The population in the valley which has already been declared electrified several years ago, is of the order 20 lakhs.  Therefore, considering the demography of the state, it may be safely concluded that there shall be about 4 lakhs consumers in the valley alone.  Keeping aside a margin of about 0.50 lakh for the consumers in the undivided Hindu family, the number of consumers shall be around 3.50 lakhs.  It clearly shows that at present, 2.0 lakh unauthorized consumers are consuming power without paying a paise for it.  This calculation is substantiated by the facts that Mizoram has around 2.0 lakh consumers for a population of 11 lakh (approx) and secondly, the commercial loss component in case of Manipur is of the order 50 p.c. while the technical loss contributes 25-30 p.c. to a total AT&C Loss of 75+ percent.  Therefore, the department needs to plug this hole on priority.  Otherwise, the State Government may not change its stand on purchase of additional power even when allocated share of power is available from Tripura, because it is not free power.



Agenda 5. Miscellaneous.


                        With the permission of the Chairman, Shri Rakesh Meihoubam informed the Committee that the Department prepares bills in such a fashion that it does not indicate the energy consumed, rate, due date of payment, & rebate etc.  Shri Rakesh drew the attention of the Commission to the questionable activity on billing of the department.  The Chairman advised the SE(Circle I) of the department to look into it and do the needful without any delay.

                        Mr. L. Sadananda Singh expressed the desire to know the quantum of power consumed by the consumers with dedicated line and by the consumers with ordinary line.



                        The committee has a poor impression on the performance of the Department in the fronts namely –

  1. Power supply position
  2. Transmission System Improvement
  3. Improvement of Commercial Efficiency that involves metering, billing, identification of unauthorized consumers survey and AT&C Loss reduction.




  1. To organize a State Level workshop on Issues and Challenges in the Power Sector of the State.
  2. To draw attention of the State Govt. on the recommendation of the workshop through print and electronic media.
  3. To implement Power Reform in the State of Manipur.
  4. To procure additional power.
  5. To prioritize investment in metering.

            Before coming to the conclusion, the Chairman thanked all the Members present for taking part in the discussion for an important cause of the State and also for offering valuable suggestions in the interest of consumers in distress.







State Advisory Committee




H.11019/26/10-JERC                            :               Dated Aizawl, the 18th April, 2012.

Copy to:

  1. PS to Hon’ble Chief Minister, (Power), Govt. of Manipur, Imphal for kind information of the Hon’ble Chief Minister.
  2. PPS to Chief Secretary, Govt. of Manipur, Imphal for kind information of the Chief Secretary.
  3. PS to Principal Secretary (Power), Govt. of Manipur for information and necessary action of the Principal Secretary.
  4. All Members/Special Invitees of the State Advisory Committee of Manipur for kind information and necessary action.
  5. Guard File.











List of Members and Invitees Present in the 8th Meeting of the State Advisory Committee for the State of Maniupur held on 27th March, 2012, Imphal.

  1. Members:

1.     Mr. H.Bihari Singh, Chairperson,                       -           Ex-Officio Chairman



2.    Mr. C. Hmingthanzuala IAS (Rtd),                    -           Ex-Officio Member

  , JERC (M&M)



3.    Mr. Ng. Chittranjan Singh,

            Scientific Officer,                                                    -           Member

            for Director, MANIREDA.                         


      4.   Prof. M. Ranjit Singh,

            President, Manipur University Teachers’’         -           Member

            Association, Manipur University.


5.    Dr. Ch. Ibohal Meitei,                                           ­-           Member

 Associate Professor,

 Manipur Institute of Management

 Studies, Manipur University.


6.    Mr. L. Sadananda  Singh,

 General Secretary, Senior Citizens for -           Member

 Society, Manipur.


7.    Mr. Elanagbam Dolendra Singh,                     ­-           Member

 Advisor, All Manipur Power

 Consumers’ Association.


8.    Mr. Irengbam Arun, Senior Journalist,             -           Member

 All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union.


9.    Mr. S. Chaothoi Singh,                                         -           Member

 President, Manipur Industries’ Union.


10.  Mr. M. Meihobam Rakesh,,                                -           Member

 Director, Human Rights Law



11.  Mr. G. Khupchinpau,                                          -           Member

             Advocate, New Lamka,

            Churachandpur District, Manipur


12.  Mr. A. Chhawnmawia, IDES (Rtd),                  -           Member - Secretary

 Secretary, JERC for Manipur & Mizoram.


B.         INVITEES:

      1.   Mr. Shyamsundar Singh, Chief (Engineering),

            JERC for Manipur & Mizoram.


  1. Mr. Richard Zothankima, Assistant Secretary,

      JERC for Manipur & Mizoram.


3.   Mr. H. Thanthianga, Asst, Chief (Engg)

            JERC for Manipur & Mizoram.


  1. Mr. L. Priyokumar, Addl.C.E. (Power-II),

      Electricty Deptt, Govt. of Manipur.


  1. Mr. Ng. Sarat Singh, Addl. CE (P) – I,

      Electricty Deptt, Govt. of Manipur.


  1. Mr. Kh. Khamba Singh, SE (Elect-I),

      Electricty Deptt, Govt. of Manipur.


  1. Mr. Th. Aton Singh, S.E. (Comml),

      Electricty Deptt, Govt. of Manipur.


  1. Mr. M. Jadumani Singh, SE/(P&D),

      Electricty Deptt, Govt. of Manipur.


  1. Mr. Ng. Birjit Singh, SE/EC-III,

      Electricty Deptt, Govt. of Manipur.


  1. Mr. S. Joykumar Sharma, SE

      Electricty Deptt, Govt. of Manipur.


  1. Mr. R.K. Pryobratra, EE(Inspectorate),

      Electricty Deptt, Govt. of Manipur.


  1. Mr. Deben Singh, AE (Inspectorate),

      Electricty Deptt, Govt. of Manipur.


  1. Mr. Y. Soni, So (Inspectorate),

      Electricty Deptt, Govt. of Manipur.