No. H. 11019/20/09-JERC. Dated the 18th June, 2010.  In exercise of the powers conferred on it by Section 181, Sub-section 2, Clause (Zp) of the Electricity Act 2003 and all powers enabling it in that regard, the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur and Mizoram hereby frames the following Regulations prescribing the responsibilities, duties and obligations of each of the stakeholders in the interest of all citizens.


1       Preamble


         In the Power sector, the Charter is a pledge of trust and commitment among the three stakeholders namely, the consumer, the utility (Service Provider) and the Regulatory Commission and it is made with a view to achieving a common goal – quality power to all at reasonable price.   

         Significantly, the Charter helps to expand knowledge and understanding of the role of each of the stakeholders. Every Citizen has the right to have a clear idea about the role of stakeholders in providing service to the consumers. Therefore, it is known as Citizens Charter.


2       Short Title, extent and commencement:


(1)     These Regulations shall be called Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur & Mizoram (Citizens Charter) Regulations, 2010.

(2)     It shall extend to the whole States of Manipur and Mizoram and shall apply in relation to all matters falling within the jurisdiction of the Commission.

(3)     These Regulations shall come into force from the date of their publication in the Official Gazette of Manipur and Mizoram.


3       Definitions

(1)     In this Charter, unless the context otherwise requires:-

(a)        ‘Act’ shall mean Electricity Act 2003.

(b)        ‘Charter’ shall mean this document.

(c)        ‘Distribution Licensee’ shall mean Electricity Department, Government  of Manipur; Power & Electricity Department Government of Mizoram; deem licensees and all other holders of distribution licensee (if any) issued under Section 14 of the Act.

(d)       ‘ESC’ shall mean JERC for M&M (Electricity Supply Code) Regulations, 2008.

(e)        ‘IE Rules’ shall mean Indian Electricity rules, 1956.

(f)        ‘Consumer’ shall mean a person who has applied for or is intending to apply for an electric connection.

(g)        ‘JERC’ shall mean Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur & Mizoram.

(h)        ‘SoP’ shall mean JERC for M&M (Distribution Licensee’s Standard of Performance) Regulations, 2008.

(i)         “APR” shall mean Actual Payment Receipt


(2)     Unless the context otherwise requires, words or expressions occurring in this Charter and not specifically defined herein shall bear the same meaning as in the Act or in the absence thereof, IE Act, ES Act, IE Rules, relevant regulations or the meaning as commonly understood in the electricity supply industry.


4       The Importance

         The Commission decided to collaborate with the Public through this Charter for the following reasons.

(a)     To strengthen its relationship with the general public and consumer organizations.

(b)     To educate the public about the concept of paying for electricity and value they receive for the costs.

(c)     To educate consumers about the Regulations that governs the electricity suppliers.

(d)    To educate the public on the role of the Regulator.

(e)     To educate consumers about the Consumers Grievances Redressal System.

(f)     To provide direct interface.

(g)     To bridge the information gap between stakeholders so as to ensure responsive and participative management.

(h)     To draw awareness of the consumers about their rights and responsibilities.

      Further, the Citizens Charter serves as a constant reminder of the Customer    

      friendly pledge and urges the utility to provide high quality services to all  




5       Consumer Rights & Obligations

(1)     All consumers have the right to

(a)     Access to reliable and safe electric Power.

(b)     Receive clear and complete billing information about the charges as per        contract terms and conditions for available services.

(c)     Receive accurate bills timely.

(d)    Access to information about service connection, quality of service, service   problems, meter readings, billing procedures, service charges, price structures, complaint procedures, disconnection, and termination of contract and pay points.

(e)     Receive advance notification for temporary termination of service indicating the circumstances under which the service is required to be terminated and also the tentative period of termination.

(f)     Access to fair, courteous and expeditious complaint resolution mechanisms to redress grievances and seek settlement measures.

(g)     Receive treatment equally to other similar Customers, free of prejudice or disadvantage and

(h)     Have confidential information respected & protected.


(2)     At the same time, the Consumers too have responsibilities to

(a)     Pay electricity Bills in full, promptly and honestly and collect the APR from the right authority.

(b)     Observe the terms of electric-service-connection contract.

(c)     Pay in advance applicable security deposits for electric services and collect the APR from the appropriate authority.

(d)    Allow the record of consumption to be reflected in the appropriate metering device faithfully and accurately without interference.

(e)     Use electricity for only those purposes as per contracted terms and tariff category.

(f)     Allow only the employees/authorized representatives of the utilities to enter the premises in reasonable time for purposes of inspection, installation, reading, testing, removal, replacement or disposal of their apparatus/electric meters.

(g)     Give prior information in writing to the utility when intending to change residence.

(h)     Ensure not to use electricity unlawfully via illegal connections, metering tampering or any other device that interferes with normal Supply & Service connection.

(i)      Co-operate with employees/representatives of the service provider and support programmes on the effective and efficient use of electricity.

(j)      Inform the utility timely in case of exigencies.

(k)     Save electrical energy as much as possible.

(l)      Use energy efficient appliances only.

(m)    Abide by Codes, regulations and Acts made by appropriate Government/




6       Utility Obligations

         A utility is licensed by the Regulatory Commission to either transmit or distribute and supply electricity to different categories of consumers. In that regard, a distribution licensee has an obligation to supply electricity to consumers to their satisfaction. Through this Charter, the distribution licensee has committed itself to fulfill the following responsibilities.   

(a)    Provide reliable electricity-reliable in terms of both quality and quantity.

(b)     Provide safe electricity.

(c)     Despatch accurate bills timely.

         (d)    Attend to faults & rectify it as soon as possible.

(e)     Educate consumers on energy tips such as, Energy Conservation, Demand Side Management and use of energy efficient appliances.

(f)     Be pro-active when handling complaints of any kind.

(g)    Inform Consumers of planned Power outages in advance.

(h)     Draw the awareness of the consumers to the Consumer Grievances Redressal System available in the utility.

(i)      Periodical check-up of Internal Electrification & Installation for any kind of defect or leakage under Consumer Care Programme.

(j)      Abide by Codes, regulation & Acts made by appropriate Government/ Commission.







7       Role of the Regulators

         Under this Charter, the Regulatory Commission, as a Constitutional Interface, has the following responsibilities:

(a)     Regulate the provision of energy services to consumers as per Electricity Act 2003.

   (b)     Monitor closely the efficiency and performance of energy companies and remind them of their responsibilities.

   (c)     Receive and investigate complaints from consumers and/or licensed energy companies.

   (d)    Balance the needs of energy consumers against the availability of the energy with the electricity service provider.

   (e)     Educate Consumers on their rights, obligations and responsibilities through Regulations.

   (f)     Initiate suitable punitive measures against erring service provider.

   (g)     Share views with service providers periodically on technological innovations.


8       References

         The Citizens Charter has been frammed in the light of relevant provisions in the Electricity Act 2003 and IE Supply rules and also with reference to the Regulations already published by the JERC for M&M, namely

(a)     JERC for M&M (Consumer Grievance Redressal) Regulations, 2008, Manipur Gazette No. 280 Dt. 4/11/2008 &

         Mizoram Gazette No. 425 Dt. 23/10/2008.

(b)     JERC for M&M (Electricity Ombudsman) Regulations, 2008,

         Manipur Gazette No. 281 Dt. 4/11/2008 &

         Mizoram Gazette No. 443 Dt. 30/10/2008.


(c)     JERC for M&M (Electricity Supply Code) Regulations, 2008,

         Manipur Gazette No. 346 Dt. 31/12/2008 &

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(d)    JERC for M&M (Standards of Performance for the Distribution and    Transmission Licensees) Regulations, 2009,

         Manipur Gazette No. 424 Dt. 2/3/2009 &

         Mizoram Gazette No. 69 Dt. 5/3/2009.



9.      Repeal and Saving-

(1)  Save as otherwise provided in these Regulations, the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for the States of Manipur & Mizoram (Citizens Charter) Regulations, 2009 is hereby repealed.

(2)     Notwithstanding such repeal, all proceedings and actions taken and orders passed by the Commission or by any authority or Committee under the Regulations or the Orders so repealed, exercising or purporting to exercise jurisdiction under such Regulations or Orders shall be deemed to be as good and valid in law as if it has been so taken and made under the relevant provisions of this Regulations or the Order, as the case may be.












                                                                                          By Order of the Commission,





                                                                                            (RICHARD ZOTHANKIMA)

    Assistant Secretary,

                                                                                   Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission

                                                                                               For Manipur and Mizoram