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Dated Aizawl, the 3rd June, 2014.







Mr. A. Chhawnmawia IDES (Rtd.), Member of the Commission took over the chair of the meeting. The list of members and participants who attended the meeting is enclosed at Annexure ‘A’.


The Chairman welcomed the members and the special invitees who took their precious time to attend the 14th Meeting of the State Advisory Committee. The Chairman then initiated the agenda wise discussion as below:


Agenda I: Confirmation on the Minutes of the 13th Meeting of the SAC of Manipur held on 20th February, 2014:

The Chairman informed the Members that the Minutes of the 13th Meeting has been circulated on the 27th February, 2014 and he hoped that the Members had read the Minutes of Meeting and further requested them to give their comments on the Minutes. After obtaining nod from the Members, the Meeting Minute was declared as confirmed.


Agenda II:   Review of progress on installation of meters 100% metering.


            The Chairman explained and highlighted the need to have 100% metering to all consumers, all feeders including street light feeders, all distributions, transformers and all sub-stations. He also further stated that for proper energy accounting and audit, 100% metering is most essential. He further stated that in the 11th SAC Meeting held on 16th September, 2013 installation of optical port single phase electronic energy meter in greater Imphal area was to be completed by March, 2014, then he requested the Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited to give and highlight the various steps taken up by them for the 100% metering.


Mr. L. Priyo Kumar, Executive Director, MSPDCL informed that 1,00,000 Single Phase Electronic Meters with Communication Port to all District headquarters is being taken up and gave a report. The physical achievement on installation of meters is at Annexure ‘B’.  He also stated that computerised billing system is being taken up with NIC and facility for collection of bills is being proposed with SBI.


Mr. T.H. Sarat Kumar Singh, OSD, Industries Department enquired on how to install meters on the Industrial estates. Mr L. Priyo Kumar replied that with fixing of meters and obtaining information, connections could be given to the Industrial estates. Dr. Ch. Ibohal Meitei enquired that with the installation of 36,000 prepaid meters in Imphal area he suggested that a clear cut time frame should be made for full implementation on the installation of meters in all areas of Manipur. Mr. Basantakumar Warreppa also enquired if the Company is proposing to install prepaid meters what would be of use on the present meters still used by the consumers. Mr. L. Priyo Kumar replied and stated that all consumers are to be provided with meters and that with the prepaid meters, distributions and collection of bills are becoming much easier and also stated that the present electromagnetic meters has out lived their useful life and has given erroneous reading and stated that for the benefit of the consumers and the Company, installation of prepaid meters is the need of the hour. Mr. Elangbam Dolendro Singh enquired the actuals on installation of meters by March, 2014. Mr. Priyo Kumar informed the Meeting that 28,000 nos of meters has been installed that M/S Secured supplied electronic meters for all Imphal area and M/S Genius to the other areas in the State.


Professor Ch. Ibohal Meitei highlighted the long hour non supply of power in the Nambol area on which even written complaint has been submitted to the Company and enquired as to the reason why for the last 3 (three) months, power was not given to that area. In this regard, Mr. L. Sadananda Singh also stated that it is the responsibility of the Company to attend to the complaints of the consumers promptly so that power is given to all the regular consumers in the State.


Professor Ch. Ibohal Meitei also further added that genuine consumers should not suffer because of the huge tapping of power by unauthorised consumers which may result in burning of the transformers etc. and stated that it is the responsibility of the Company to see that theft of power is detected and steps are taken for the regularisation etc. And also stated that the Company should keep sufficient nos of transformers for replacement of the damaged one.  Mr L. Priyo Kumar informed the Meeting that the Company has taken steps for purchase of transformers and a proposal also has been made for repairing of the transformers. He further stated that dedicated police team will be given by the Government very soon for detection of power theft in Imphal.



The Meeting recommends that the over all progress on installation of 100% metering is not satisfactory and that the object of the 100% metering will be lost if it is not completed within the time frame. And hence it recommends that the installation should be completed by August, 2014.           


Agenda – III: Review of Progress in Transmission Improvement Work.

            The Chairman initiated on the Agenda on Review in transmission work in Manipur and stated that even though Manipur may get more power from outside, if the inter and intra transmission lines are not in place, improvement in power sector could not be expected. He then requested the Manipur State Power Company Limited to give a detailed report on the existing length of 132 KV / 33 KV and their transformation capacities etc. Mr. Ng. Sarat Singh, Executive Director (Tech) MSPCL gave a detailed report on the progress of the transmission lines taken up by the Department. A copy of the report is at Annexure ‘C’. He further stated that the 400 KV line is being taken up by M/S PGCIL, and is being monitored by the State Government and that it is expected that the transmission lines will be completed soon. Professor Ch. Ibohal Meitei also added that the 400 KV line is the lifeline for Manipur and that all possible efforts should be given for the urgent completion of the lines. Interacting on this Agenda, Mr L. Priyo Kumar informed the Meeting that until adequate power is received in Manipur, load shedding will be required and that the Company is in the progress of preparing load shedding schedules to be given to the public.



The Committee recommends that 400 KV line connecting from Assam – Manipur be completed by the end of 2014. Intra state transmission lines also be completed on the target date.


With the permission of the Chair, Mr. G. Khupchinpau informed the meeting that in the Churachandpur area on non - functioning of transformers, the public are collecting money and that the Department used to arrange to purchase second hand transformers and enquired whether the Company is to supply transformers free of cost to the consumers or whether the Company will reimburse the money contributed by the consumers for purchase of the transformers. Mr. L.Priyo Kumar stated that public investment on purchase of transformers is not required and that transformers repairing instrument will be procured and transformers will be repaired on time, and also stated that the socio economic census is being used for identification of un-authorised consumers.


Mr. Ng Sarat Singh, Executive Director (Tech) MSPCL also added that the Company does not have sufficient operations and maintenance funds and that, timely release of funds is required for speedy completion of works. And he stated that this is one of the bottlenecks hampers the function of the Company. With the permission of the Chair, the Committee decided that in the next Meeting proper provision, allotment and regular release of funds by the Government to the 2 (two) Companies will be one of the agenda item in the next Meeting. The problems faced by the 2 (two) Companies on funds crunch is to be submitted to the Commission very soon as agenda item for next meeting.


The Meeting ended at 1:45 pm with vote of thanks from the Chair.





Memo No. H.11019/26/13-JERC              :            Dated Aizawl, the 3rd June, 2014



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