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                                                              Dated Aizawl, the 4th   June, 2014





Venue                 :       I&PR Department Conference Hall, Aizawl, Mizoram

Date & Time    :       22nd May, 2014, 11:00 a.m.


            Mr A.Chhawnmawia IDES (Rtd.), Member of the Commission took the Chair and Er. L.Pachuau, Engineer-in-Chief, P& E Department was on the dais with him.

List of participants is appended.

The Chairman welcomed the Members and initiated the agenda wise discussion as below:


  1. Confirmation on the Minutes of the 14th Meeting of the SAC Mizoram held on 17th February, 2014:


The Chairman informed the Members of the Committee that the 14th Meeting Minutes was issued on 28th February, 2014 and he hoped that all the Members had gone through the Minutes of the Meeting and requested them to give their comments or observations on whether the Meeting Minutes were recorded correctly. After obtaining nod from the members, the minutes of the meeting was declared as confirmed.


  1. Installation of meters – 100% metering:

 The Chairman explained that 100% metering is very much required for proper energy accounting and audit. He also further explained that in the 11th Meeting of the SAC Mizoram held on 10th January, 2013, the P&E Department had informed the Meeting that 100% metering was completed as early as 2005 and that as on date 90% of them were functioning properly, and that the replacement of the defective meters will be completed by the end of 2014 under R-APDRP Scheme. He requested the Department to give the detailed up to date status of defective meters with target date for completing the replacement along with the hindrances in the replacement.

Er. V. Rodingliana, SE (Commercial) P&E Dept. informed the steps taken up by the Department and stated that maintenance of energy meter working 100% all time is almost impossible due to the fact that energy meter installed to the consumers can malfunction at any point of time due to external or internal faults and stated that sufficient fund is required for replacement of the detected defective energy meters, and further stated that under R-APDRP procurement of energy meter is under process.

Elaborating the subject, Er. L.Pachuau, E-in-C, P&E Dept. stated that there is no fund provision for replacement / supply of meters to the consumers and stated that R-APDRP, Part ‘B’ provision for purchase of meters is there, and the Department will try to utilize the fund.

Mr. Vanlalruata, General Secretary, CYMA enquired that even though the meters may be working, but the integrity of meter readers are very much doubtful as there are many cases where electric bills are made less on an understanding made between the consumers and the meter readers.

Er. L. Pachuau, Chief (Engineering) also informed the meeting that in the Supply Code Regulations, provision for supply of meters is there and that 100% metering is required for energy accounting and to know the overall functioning of the Department.

Adding to the subject, Er. L.Pachuau, E-in-C, P&E Department informed that meter readers are being transferred in every 3 (three) months so as to check malpractices and also stated that responsibility and accountability is not very much visible in the Department, and that he has submitted a proposal which will be approved very soon where the JE will be designated as Feeder Manager and also of the higher officials, and hoped that with this, power input in a part area along with revenue collection could be known easily. The Chairman also stated that if there are any cases of malpractices being done by the meter readers, the NGOs’ may submit a detailed report to the Department for necessary action.

In this matter, Mrs. Teresy Vanlalhruaii, Jt. Director, LAD Department stated that except in Aizawl city all the other towns and villages street lights bills are paid by them and stated that supply of power is not satisfactory and that around 40 – 50 % of the street lights are not functioning properly and requested what are the measures to be taken on this regard. Mr. Vanlalruata, CYMA also stated that many a times street lights are put on during day time which causes huge expenses to the Department. The E-in-C also stated that on street lights maintenance, the owners i.e. LAD/AMC needs to provide funds for maintenance as per Supply Code Regulations and that the Department is billing on the street light by point method and not by actual energy consumed by each street light post. The Chief (Engineering) informed that meter box could be installed on each of the street light post. Er. Benjamin L.Tlumtea, EE (Commercial) P&E Deptt. also informed the meeting that in some villages they are having more street light post than their actual requirement. The Chief (Engineering) informed that in Nagaland, consumers are paying for the street light bills. Mr. C. Lalbiakthanga, Addl. Director, Industries Department suggested that the Local Councils in Aizawl area be involved in the power management within their area to which the concerned JE Telephone nos be given to them so that in case of street light burning during day time they could inform the concerned JE. The E-in-C informed the Meeting that he will take note of it.





The Committee recommends that 100 % metering should be completed very soon and that no effort should be spared. Also, better accountability of meter readers be done urgently.


  1. Presentation of Electricity Bills to Consumers:

The Chairman explained that in the present system of electricity billing in Mizoram entails a delay in collection of revenue by about 1 (one) month, and that the consumers does not receives up-to-date energy bill and requested the Chief (Engineering) to give and highlight on the issue. The Chief (Engineering) stated that the energy bill of March is given on May that it results in non-proper energy accounting and stated that in other states of India pre-paid metering system and spot billing system are being introduced which will do away with the lack of manpower and collection and distribution of bills etc. He also stated that in many cases, tenant of the building leaves their bill to be paid by the landlord or by the new tenant which has caused great hardship to both of them as they are required to pay energy bills not consumed by them. The E-in-C informed that more man power is required for giving up-to-date energy bills to consumers which is not found feasible due to man power constraint and also for installation of smart meters which is costly there is no fund provision for it and further stated that the electricity consumers in Mizoram are friendly and co-operative and that they do not face major problems and also stated that spot billing system will be thought off for future programme on availability of funds.

Mr.Vanlalruata, CYMA stated that the job of meter readers in their present working system does not seems to be too heavy and that the Department should have proper man power management checking for maximum utilisation of their services so that the consumers gets up to date energy bills. The E-in-C stated that collection of energy consumed, data entry into computers and distribution of bills are being done by them, and that one meter reader caters to about 500 consumers and that in the present system it is difficult to make any re-adjustment of their services. The Chief (Engineering) also informed that by introduction of smart meters, collection and billing could also be outsourced as done in Manipur and could overcome the lack of manpower in the department.

Mr. C. Lalthangliana, Marketing Officer, Trade & Commerce Department also suggested that public information on meter reading and billing should be made and the information / language used may be in Mizo for the proper understanding of the masses. The E-in-C replied that public awareness programme will be thought off in the future.

Mr. Vanlalruata, CYMA added that simply stating man power problem is not reasonable, relevant data should be provided to see where the actual shortage is and what are the remedies to be thought off. The E-in-C also added that more pragmatic action will be taken and that the feeder management system will improve the management of the Department which will result in maximum utilisation of services of all the employees in the Department. Mr. Lalbiakthanga, Jt. Director, Transport Department also added that the mind-set of the Mizo people needs to be changed and that more public awareness campaign is required to be made on conservation and utilization of energy which was agreed by the other Members. The Chairman also added that public awareness campaign is very much required in the aspect of electric bill, conservation of power etc. and that the Department should take steps in this regard soon. The Chief (Engineering) also added that in street lightening, dawn to dusk photovoltaic effect system should be introduced so that no street light energy goes wasted.  The E-in-C replied that for procurement of street light control system, there is no available fund. He further stated that under R-APDRP on 8 (eight) towns in Mizoram load reduction system will be provided and the Department will try to include the proposal.






The Committee recommends that maximum utilisation of manpower in the Department should be taken up soon so as the consumers are given up - to - date energy bills. And consumer awareness programme on billing, conservation of energy etc. should be taken up soon by the Department throughout Mizoram.

The Meeting ended at 12:45 PM with a vote of thanks from the Chair.




Memo No.H.11019/27/12-JERC            :        Dated Aizawl, the 4th June, 2014.


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