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RNI No. 27009/1973                      Postal Regn. No. NE-313(MZ)2006-2008

Vol–XLIII     Aizawl,    Thursday 14.8.2014  Sravana  23,   S.E.   1936,        Issue No. 413


No. H. 11019/3/08-JERC, the 8th August, 2014. In pursuance of Section 87 of the Electricity Act, 2003 and provisions under the Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur and Mizoram(Constitution of State Advisory Committee and its Functions)Regulations,2010, the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Manipur and Mizoram hereby reconstitute the State Advisory Committee for the State of Mizoram with the following composition. The term of the Committee shall be for a period of 2(two) years with effect from the date of issue of this Notification.

  1. Chairperson, JERC for Manipur and Mizoram                                       - Ex-officio Chairman
  2. Member, JERC for Manipur and Mizoram                                             - Ex-officio Member
  3. Secretary, Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department      - Ex-officio Member
  4. Secretary, Power & Electricity Department                                           - Member
  5. Engineer-in-Chief, PHE Department                                                      - Member
  6. Director, Industries Department                                                              - Member
  7. Director, Trade & Commerce Department                                             - Member
  8. Chief Executive Officer, Aizawl Municipal Council                                - Member
  9. Director, Zoram Energy Development Agency                                      - Member
  10. President, Mizoram Chamber of Industries and Commerce                  - Member
  11. President, Mizoram Consumer Union Gen Hqrs, Aizawl                       - Member
  12. President, Mizoram Hmeichhia Insuikhawm Pawl,Gen. Hqrs., Aizawl  - member
  13. President, Central Young Mizo Association                                            - Member
  14. President, All Mizoram Farmer’ Union, Gen. Hqrs, Aizawl                     - Member
  15. President, Mizoram Upa Pawl, Gen. Hqrs. Aizawl                                 - Member
  16. Er.C.L.Thangliana, E-in-C, P&E Department(Rtd.)                                - Member


                    Secretary to the Government of Mizoram.(Rtd.)

17. Prof. H. Lalramnhinglova, Env. Sciences, Mizoram University             - Member

18. Director, Transport Department                                                              - Member

19. Director, LAD                                                                                          - Member

20. President, Mizoram Journalists’ Association                                           - Member

21. Prof. Vanlalchhawna, Department of Economics, Mizoram University        - Member

22. Secretary, JERC for Manipur and Mizoram                                           - Member Secretary



                                                                                                     By Order of the Commission



                                                                                                     Sd/- RICHARD ZOTHANKIMA                                                                                                                                                                           Assistant Secretary